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Bucharest Penthouse by Ralu Dofin

Ralu Dofin designed this stunnig contemporary penthouse apartment located in Bucharest, Romania, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

The 200 square-meter penthouse of the Cortina Residence complex, located in the vicinity of Herastrau Park, was set up on the premise of being close to nature.
In the concept of the project a balance of nature with a timeless style of neutral colors was sought, focusing on multiple points of visual interest.
Natural light plays an important role in the planimetry of the penthouse, generously penetrating space through the perimeter terrace.
The entrance is made through a unique dark hall, with walls treated with decorative paint that imitates the corroded Corten. The corridor is asymmetrically fragmented by a luminous band that perforates the walls and the floor.
The attention to detail is highlighted by the silhouette of the recessed lamp in the wall, a discreet detail that creates a feeling of fusion between objects. The ceiling, which never intersects the walls, is a subtle detail that lets the architectural elements breathe as volumes in space, respecting each other.
The living room is tinted by the delineation of the dining and relaxation areas with the help of the photo wallpaper that gives to the space a distinct atmosphere. The chosen furniture is neutral in shape and color. It contributes to the sensation of room fluidity and holds attention to the elements that give value to the room.
The dining table is a telling example of the layout concept based on the contrast between the adjacent materials chosen as texture, but which are nicely positioned to show each other. Thus, the solid wood counter has rough cuts and is placed on translucent glass feet. Panton chairs from Vitra are the sculptural elements of the living room.
Light affects mood more than any other factor in interior design. Lightings from: Petite Friture, Karman and Flos, iconic by their signature, are carefully chosen and positioned in a sought-after scenography, enriching each room.
The matrimonial bedroom adds dynamism and theatricality, elements that resume in the other spaces of the house thanks to the chosen textures. The luminaire used here amplifies the size of the room by its size and fragility offering a sophisticated effect.
Natural elements take place in the arrangement and as color accents, both directly and indirectly through the chosen finishes.
When working with a neutral color palette, is necessary to add texture for having contrast, character and depth to the design.
The penthouse thus becomes a space of aesthetic and functional harmony and the atmosphere it conveys raises the mood by its balance, proportion and effects

Photography by Arthur Tintu

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