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  • Revitalizing Heritage: The Kaomai Museums and Tea Barn Project by PAVA Architects

    Introducing the Kaomai Museums and Tea Barn, a visionary project by PAVA architects set amidst the picturesque landscape of Chiang Mai, Thailand. This innovative endeavor breathes new life into a sixty-eight-year-old tobacco processing plant estate owned by Kaomai Estate 1955. By repurposing the estate’s old tobacco drying barns into contemporary spaces, PAVA architects rejuvenates the […] More

  • Sa Ta Na Architects

    ALIVE Residence by Sa Ta Na Architects

    In an era where the hustle and bustle of city life often leave people yearning for a connection with nature, Sa Ta Na Architects has unveiled their latest  project – the ALIVE Residence. This innovative project seamlessly combines the tranquility of natural elements with the conveniences of urban living, ushering in a new era of […] More

  • Juti architects

    Juti architects design KSANA Tea House

    In the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, amidst the chaos and fast-paced lifestyle, a tranquil oasis awaits for those seeking a moment of peace and balance. The KSANA Tea House, designed by Juti Architects, beckons tea enthusiasts and those in need of a serene escape to experience the true essence of matcha green tea imported from […] More

  • OfficeAT

    OfficeAT designs River House

    OfficeAT has recently completed their latest residential project in the esteemed Pathum Thani province – River House. The site offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the picturesque river bend along the Chao Phraya River. The discerning owners seek a resplendent vacation abode that embodies the essence of a familial sanctuary, offering respite, convivial gatherings, and […] More

  • 2929 Design Lab

    Take a Tour of TP House designed by 2929 Design Lab

    2929 Design Lab has recently completed works this stunning private residence in Tambon Chang Phueak, Thailand. The TP House is a one-story residence with two major compartments and a ground floor space of 500 square meters (800 square meters including the rooftop).  Given that the project site is 20 meters wide and 80 meters long, […] More

  • One and a Half Architects

    One and a Half Architects design TJ House

    One and a Half Architects designed this stunning minimalist courtyard house in Khet Chatuchak, Thailand. The inspiration started from the movie title “Happ(y)ness”. Happyness is spelled as Y, not I. Happyness is not only I, but also You. We want the house to be everyone’s space and be the happiness area, where friends and family […] More

  • AUN Design Studio

    AUN Design Studio designs Reflection house in Bangkok

    AUN Design Studio has recently completed works on its latest residential project in Bangkok, Thailand – Reflection House. The home is built on the original foundation of the previous construction. Even though the location is closely surrounded by neighboring homes, the design expresses the relationships they both made both inside and outside the house as […] More

  • Take a Tour of Mekong House designed by PAVA architects

    PAVA architects has recently completed works on their latest project in Chiang Khan, Thailand – Mekong House.The residence was thoughtfully designed to convey the personality of the owner, the lush landscape of the Mekong River, and a sense of straightforward local architecture. The house’s elevation’s strong horizontal line mimics the peaceful Mekong River’s magnificent line. All […] More

  • PAGA Microroastery by Taste Space

    PAGA Microroastery by Taste Space

    Taste Space have designed this experiential roastery and cafe in Bangkok, Thailand. Paga is located on a busy strip in Bangkok’s Watthana district. The designers drew on the process of coffee roasting to inform the cafe’s aesthetic. “Paga micro-roastery is inspired by ‘the mountain’ where coffee beans are cultivated, in order to pay tribute and […] More

  • WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic by A U N Design Studio

    WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic by A U N Design Studio

    A U N Design Studio designed the WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic. The space is designed as a functional space articulation as “a Studio and Gallery for the Beauty Surgery” to communicate the human body with potential cosmetic surgery procedures. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Thailand House

    Take A Tour of Y House Designed by Anonym Studio

    Anonym designed this stunning two-story residence located in Nonthaburi, Thailand. This refreshingly modern project was completed back in 2017. Architects had a task of creating a private living space while hiding the house from it’s front street facade but also two extremely nearby plots. The design team has used the greenery to give the residence […] More

  • Montara Hospitality Group develops Purpose-Built Wellness Residential Community Complex

    Montara Hospitality Group develops Purpose-Built Wellness Residential Community Complex

    Bangkok-based developer Montara Hospitality Group announced the development of a comprehensive health and wellness residential community in Phuket, Thailand, to be completed in 2022. MHG is investing over THB 6,600 million (USD 220 million) in the development of Tri Vananda, envisioned to become Asia’s largest and most comprehensive wellness residential community. Discover more after the […] More

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