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  • Oscillation by Zyme Studios

    Zyme Studios has recently completed the design of their latest residential project – Oscillation, located in Yucca Valley, California. The studio’s approach leans toward the metaphysical. It combines the functional with the  experiential qualities of space. The heavy mass ascends with the natural rock formations in an effort to represent how little the human form appears […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects design SA Restaurant in Saudi Arabia

    ZIKZAK Architects design SA Restaurant in Saudi Arabia

    ZIKZAK Architects have recently completed works on SA Restaurant, a small family restaurant serving pizza and burgers with a chic, incredibly sophisticated interior. The restaurant offers a modern, fashionable, and opulent setting with elements from the Arab world that seemed unexpected for this type of cuisine. As a result, the restaurant’s proprietors were able to […] More

  • Eerkes Architects design Rockaway Beach Residence

    Eerkes Architects design Rockaway Beach Residence

    Eerkes Architects have recently completed their latest residential design – the Rockaway Beach House. The eye-catching design makes the most of the picturesque waterfront setting and the mild climate of the area. The residence is located on a double beachfront parcel on Bainbridge Island’s Rockaway Beach and faces east toward Seattle’s famous skyline. Views show […] More

  • Photography by © Ivo Tavares

    Take a Tour of Casa D designed by L2C ARQUITETURA

    L2C ARQUITETURA has recently completed its latest residential project in Braga, Portugal – Casa D. Built for a family of five,it conceals its structural complexity with its straightforward volume. Large boxes that are positioned on the highest point of the land organize the indoor and outdoor areas through their design and placement. In this manner, […] More

  • Ceramic Tile Display An Example of Showroom Experience

    Good retail is knowing how people live and shop, and therefore how we should sell. Today it is still amazing at times when we see people viewing retail only as the physical store. A store is not a place to buy stuff from. When it comes to the design industry, we are finally back to […] More

  • KCAP design The Twins, a Residential Ensemble in the Heart of Amsterdam

    KCAP have recently completed works on their latest residential project – The Twins . The design comprises of two strong volumes arranged around a shared courtyard garden. Stepped green balconies, along with robust materialization and luxurious detailing, create a sensory-rich ensemble that seems like a three-dimensional refuge in the heart of Amsterdam. The Twins is […] More

  • Waechter Architecture designs Furioso Vineyards in Dundee, Oregon

    The Portland-based firm Waechter Architecture has recently completed works on Furioso Vineyards in Dundee, Oregon. The 9,800-square-foot project, located in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, consists of the rehabilitation and expansion of an existing winery, as well as the addition of a new tasting room and additional public facilities. The original Furioso estate was […] More

  • House That Opens Up to the Sun by Stempel & Tesar architekti

    Stempel & Tesar architekti recently completed works on this quarter-circle low-cost passive house in the southern part of Malé Kyšice town on the edge of the Křivoklát woods. The project is based on natural principles that pervade every detail of the building -light and warmth, soil, water, and air. Two exposed concrete block linear walls […] More

  • 7 Silent Signs of Home Plumbing Issues

    Even before experiencing a major plumbing issue, there are often subtle signs that something may be wrong. Homeowners often ignore these signs but pay a heavy price when the problem worsens. Regularly inspect your plumbing system to ensure everything is in order. Here are some of the signs you should look out for: Low Water […] More

  • ARCHISCENE talks with WJ STUDIO about their Bluetown · Aroma Town Project

    WJ STUDIO just completed the design for Shanghai Aroma Town’s clubhouse. The design blends thematic social and natural components into the fantasy of holiday living in order to differentiate existing resort items. It introduces the notion of idyllic living and the goal of flowers to create an ideal living and experiencing environment for this resort […] More

  • Smart & Stylish Ways to Use Area Rugs to Redecorate and Elevate Your Home

    A fairly recent interior design trend is to decorate your home to look more contemporary, modern, and sleek. Designing your home with a modern-day vibe generally involves using aspects such as natural light, monochromatic colors, neutral textures, and a minimalist and practical look. Using this style creates an environment that boosts positivity, energy, and enthusiasm. […] More

  • BEN MOO Exhibition Hall by HDC Design

    Rene Liu and Jiajun Tang, the design directors of HDC Design, have completed one of their most recent carefully planned and designed works, the “BEN MOO Brand Exhibition Hall,” which is situated on the fifth floor of Fusen-Noble House in Nanmen. Over the course of a base site that is just over 200 square meters, […] More

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