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  • 8 Signs You May Need To Hire A New Contractor

    8 Signs You May Need To Hire A New Contractor

    Looking for the ideal contractor for a remodeling or construction project can be challenging.With money and time on the line, it’s crucial to find a dependable one. If you want to ensure a hassle-free, positive experience with your upcoming project, you should watch out for warning signs that the contractor you consider might not be […] More

  • Construction Foreman Responsibilities and Duties

    Every construction worksite needs a foreman with strong leadership skills to guide the crew and oversee the project. With that description, it can sound like the foreman’s responsibilities don’t take a lot of effort. However, that is not the case. There are many duties that a foreman needs to perform daily to make sure everything […] More

  • Contractor's Guide to Renting Construction Equipment

    Contractor’s Guide to Renting Construction Equipment

    The construction industry is an ever-growing sector requiring more labor, machinery, and equipment to effectively get the job done. The construction equipment rental market increased by 75% in 2014 and is expected to shoot up to a 4% growth by 2024. The presence of proper equipment in a construction site can tremendously improve work productivity […] More

  • Designing Architecture for Safety

    The Roman architect Vitruvius asserted in his treatise on architecture, De Architecture, that there were three fundamental principles for good architecture. The first, firmatis or durability, the second, utilitas or utility, and, the last, venustatis or beauty. Of course, a building must remain robust, be functional, and delight the senses and raise the spirits; however, […] More

  • 7 Solid Advantages of Building with Concrete

    7 Solid Advantages of Building with Concrete

    In the last 10 years, construction professionals built almost 7 million new homes. As the population continues to grow and cities start to expand, demand for both new homes and commercial buildings will be on the rise. This is good news for contractors. However, the increased demand for buildings doesn’t mean buyers are willing to […] More

  • ARCHISCENE GUIDE: 5 Forklift Safety Guidelines

    ARCHISCENE GUIDE: 5 Forklift Safety Guidelines

    Be it the retail or wholesale sector, the manufacturing industry, warehousing or postal services, forklifts are an integral part of industrial facilities that help optimise workflow and increase productivity. At first glance, forklifts appear as straightforward, compact and powerful machines for loading, unloading, lifting, or pulling heavy items, but they can be fatal if proper […] More

  • How Stadium Construction Works: A Breakdown

    How Stadium Construction Works: A Breakdown

    If you build it, they will come. This saying that has stood the test of time. It rings truer than ever when it comes to stadium construction. In the sports world, stadium design and locations are talked about often. Relocation, upgrading, state of the art facilities, you name it. Fans, owners, and players all want […] More

  • What Are CNC Machines? The Only Guide You Need

    What Are CNC Machines? The Only Guide You Need

    Are you wondering, “What are CNC machines?” If so, you’d have to start with American inventor John T. Parsons. While machine tools were being used back in the 1770s, it wasn’t until the 1940s that Americans began using numerical control (NC). John T. Parsons is often considered the “Father of Numerical Control.” More

  • #DIY: How to Work with a Circular Saw

    A circular saw counts among the most dangerous pieces of equipment you can use in the home. While these devices are incredibly useful, they also have the ability to inflict life-changing injury upon those who don’t take sufficient care. If you’re taking advantage of the enforced lockdown to perform a little bit of DIY, then […] More

  • What are the Legal Responsibilities of Professionals Working in the Construction Industry?

    The construction market remains a pivotal cog in the UK’s economic engine, with its GVA having grown considerably since 2009 and peaked at nearly £105 billion in the year ending 2016. However, this sector is expected to decline considerably in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, with experts warning that construction sites nationwide could well […] More

  • How Natural Architecture Can Improve Productivity

    How Natural Architecture Can Improve Productivity

    If you’re working on designs for a new office building, or if you’re just thinking about constructing a unique home, you may want to consider implementing more “natural” features—especially if this is going to be a space for working, studying, or participating in important activities. Modern architecture utilizes a lot of steel, reinforced concrete, and […] More

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