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  • L’Oreal Products Company by IAMZ Design Studio

    Project: L’Oreal Products Company Designed by IAMZ Design Studio Architect: Ahmed Elseyofi Technical Supervision: Dilman Majid Area: 100 X 6 floors Location: Stockholm, Sweden Website: Architects at IAMZ Design Studio come up with an engaging solution while creating the Products Company building for french beauty brand L'Oreal. More

  • World of Chlorophyll by IAMZ Design Studio

    Project: World of Chlorophyll Designed by Ahmed Elseyofi for IAMZ Design Studio Plot Size: 3 000 sqm  Location: New York, USA Website: & World of Chlorophyll is a concept project coming from Ahmed Elseyofi designed for IAMZ Design Studio, see more after the jump: More