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BE MATE Venice Residences With THDP

We talk about BE MATE Venice residences at Ponte Di Rialto with Manuela Mannino from THDP

BE MATE venice
BE MATE Venice at Ponte di Rialto – photo courtesy of THDP

BE MATE expanded its presence last year in Venice with the addition of 12 luxury apartment residences, meticulously designed by the THDP architecture office. Architect Manuela Mannino spoke with our Editor Zarko Davinic about the inspiration drawn from Venice’s rich heritage, the challenges of renovating a protected building, and the integration of modern hospitality needs within a historic setting.

To find out more about BE MATE Venice residences continue to our interview with Manuela Mannino

What inspired THDP to undertake the renovation of 12 luxury apartments in Venice, and how did the city’s unique characteristics influence your design approach? – THDP was inspired by Venice’s rich history, culture, and unparalleled beauty to undertake the renovation of 12 luxury apartments. Venice’s unique characteristics, including its intricate architectural details and vibrant atmosphere, deeply influenced our design approach. We aimed to create serene havens that reflect the city’s magical ambiance, offering travelers a luxurious yet authentic Venetian experience.

Can you describe the concept of ‘microlocal’ language that you’ve implemented in this project? How does it integrate with the distinct architectural heritage of Venice? – The ‘microlocal‘ language in our project involves collaborating with local artisans and using locally sourced materials to honor Venice’s craft traditions. This concept seamlessly integrates with Venice’s architectural heritage by incorporating elements such as Murano glass, traditional Venetian fabrics, and handcrafted pewter cutlery, thereby preserving and celebrating the city’s artisanal legacy.

venice hotel
The waterway entrance at BE MATE Venice at Ponte di Rialto – photo courtesy of THDP

The location in the San Marco district is historically significant. How did you ensure that your renovations respected and reflected the history and culture of the area? – Respecting and reflecting the history and culture of the San Marco district was paramount. We preserved key historical features, such as the mullioned windows, arches, and cone-shaped fireplaces. Additionally, the facade was carefully maintained, and original decorative elements like stucco ceilings and the staircase were restored. These efforts ensure that our renovations honor the district’s fascinating past while enhancing its historical charm.

Renovating in a city like Venice must come with specific challenges, especially regarding logistics and preservation. Could you share some of the challenges you faced during this project? – Renovating in Venice presented several challenges, including logistical issues due to the city’s canal-based transportation and the need for meticulous preservation efforts. Ensuring the structural integrity of historical elements while upgrading the building to modern standards required careful planning and execution. Additionally, sourcing and working with local artisans and materials added complexity but ultimately enriched the project’s authenticity.

BE MATE venice
Living room in the Be Mate double bedroom suite – photo courtesy of THDP

The renovation emphasizes natural lighting, particularly through the restored skylight. Could you explain how the design choices in lighting impact the ambiance of the spaces? – The design choices in lighting, particularly the restored skylight, play a crucial role in creating a welcoming and serene ambiance. The skylight allows natural light to flood the interiors, enhancing the spaces’ warmth and openness. The chandelier hung beneath the skylight further accentuates this effect, casting a mesmerizing glow that highlights the architectural details and creates a tranquil atmosphere.

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Each apartment features a unique view of the Canale De La Fava. How did these views influence the interior design and layout of the apartments? – The unique views of the Canale De La Fava significantly influenced the interior design and layout of the apartments. We designed the living areas to maximize these picturesque views, incorporating large windows and balconies where possible. The interiors were arranged to direct attention towards the canal, creating a harmonious connection between the indoor spaces and the enchanting Venetian landscape outside.

The color scheme in the living rooms includes mustard, gold, teal, and magenta. What was the rationale behind choosing this palette, and how does it enhance the Venetian atmosphere? – The color scheme of mustard, gold, teal, and magenta was chosen to evoke the rich, vibrant essence of Venetian interiors. These colors create a tranquil environment while also reflecting the city’s historical opulence. The palette enhances the Venetian atmosphere by bringing warmth, depth, and a touch of regal elegance to the living spaces, making them both inviting and visually captivating.

Sustainability is a growing concern in architecture. Were there any sustainable practices or materials used in the renovation of the Be Mate Ponte di Rialto residences ? – Yes, sustainability was a key consideration in the renovation. We prioritized the use of locally sourced materials and collaborated with Venetian artisans to minimize the environmental impact. Additionally, we restored and preserved original architectural elements rather than replacing them, which not only maintains the historical integrity but also reduces waste.

The restoration of the staircase and the integration of modern elements like the marble effect plaster and bronze grid are fascinating. Could you delve into the details of these design decisions? – The restoration of the staircase involved preserving its original wall appliqués and enhancing its elegance with modern touches. The marble effect plaster on the lift doors and the surrounding bronze grid elevate the aesthetic while maintaining a connection to the building’s historical roots. These design decisions blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary sophistication, creating a timeless yet modern appeal.

BE MATE venice
Be Mate Bedroom Suite view – photo courtesy of THDP

How do you balance modern comfort and functionality with historical authenticity in your projects, particularly in a place as laden with history as Venice? – Balancing modern comfort with historical authenticity involves a meticulous approach to design and renovation. We carefully preserve and restore historical elements while integrating modern amenities that enhance functionality and comfort. By using traditional materials and techniques alongside contemporary design solutions, we create spaces that honor the past while providing all the conveniences of modern living.

What feedback have you received from visitors or occupants of the apartments since the renovation? How have they reacted to the blend of modern and traditional elements? – The feedback from visitors and occupants has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate the harmonious blend of modern and traditional elements, which creates a unique and immersive experience. Guests have particularly praised the thoughtful preservation of historical features and the luxurious, contemporary comforts that make their stay both memorable and comfortable.

Finally, what does this project represent for THDP in terms of architectural philosophy and what you aim to achieve in future projects? – This project represents THDP’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage while innovating in design. It embodies our architectural philosophy of creating spaces that tell a story, blending the past with the present. For future projects, we aim to continue this approach, embracing sustainability, local craftsmanship, and a deep respect for historical contexts to create evocative and inspiring environments.

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  1. had a chance to stay at be mate in venice! Beautiful work from THDP i was wondering who renovated the hotel! So nice to read the story and find out more about the process

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