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  • MAD’s “Chaoyang Park Plaza” Breaks Ground

    As a recent realization of the concept “Shanshui City,”“Chaoyang Park Plaza”has begun construction. It marks another milestone in one of the practices of MAD's design theory. This project pushes the boundary of the urbanization process in modern cosmopolitan life by creating a dialogue between artificial scenery and natural landscapes. More

  • Harbin Cultural Centre by MAD Architects

    Beijing based renowned architcture studio MAD Architects has created the design for Harbin Cultural Centre located in China, development of the building is under construction. More

  • MAD Architects Design Pingtan Art Museum

    MAD Architects have designed their third museum, the impressive project for Pingtan Art Museum, which just broke ground. Discover more of his engaging design below: More

  • Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort by MAD Architects

    Project: Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort Designed by MAD Architects Location: Huzhou, China Website: The world renowned MAD Architects create the showstopping project design of  Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort in China. Get familiar with the project after the jump: More

  • Huangshan Mountain Village by MAD Architects

    Project: Huangshan Mountain Village Designed by MAD Architects Location: Anhui Province, China Website: Huangshan Mountain Village design coming from the famed MAD Architects practice, the project is shaped for a location in Anhui Province where it's already under construction. More

  • Fake Hills by MAD Architects

    Project: Fake Hills Designed by MAD Architects Directors: Ma Yansong, Qun Dang Design Team: Xue Yan, Xu Dongxin, Wang Wei, Tang Liu, Zhang Jie, Ren Xiaowei, Kristie Park, Dinah Zhang, Fernie Lai,  Fu Changri, Zheng Tao Site Area: 109 203 sqm Building Area: 492 369 sqm Building Height: groundscraper-106 m; Tower-194 m Location: Beihai, China Website: Fake Hills […] More

  • National Art Museum by MAD Architects

    Project: National Art Museum Designed by MAD Architects Director in Charge: Ma Yansong, Qun Dang Design Team: Zhao Wei, Sohith Perera, Yu Kui, Jei Kim, Geraldine Lo, Mao Beihong Associate Engineer: Arup Group ltd. Site Area: 30 000 sqm Building Area: 152 200 sqm Height: 58 m Location: Beijing, China Website: China based practice MAD Architects shape the showstopping design for the National Art […] More

  • Ordos Museum by MAD Architects

    Project: Ordos Museum Designed by MAD Architects Design Team: Shang Li, Andrew C. Bryant, Howard Jiho Kim, Matthias Helmreich, Linda Stannieder, Zheng Tao, Qin Lichao, , Sun Jieming, Yin Zhao, Du Zhijian, Yuan Zhongwei, Yuan Ta, Xie Xinyu, Liu Weiwei, Felipe Escudero, Sophia Tang, Diego Perez, Art Terry, Jtravis B Russett, Dustin Harris Directors: Ma Yansong, Yosuke […] More

  • T Installation by Ma Yansong

    Project: T Installation Designed by Ma Yansong Client: Vertu Location: Milan, Italy Website: The world renowned VERTU teams up with designer Ma Yanson to create this unique installation in Milan. More

  • China Wood Sculpture Museum by MAD

    Project: China Wood Sculpture Museum Designed by MAD Location: Harbin, China Website: In the main city of Northern China, Harbin, the famed architecture practice MAD delivers an astonishing project for the building of China Wood Sculpture Museum. China Wood Sculpture Museum building is set to become an internationally recognized landmark of this rapidly expanding city. More