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Pano Brot & Kaffee by DIA – Dittel Architekten

Pano Brot & by Dittel Architekten

Unwind. Feel comfortable. Have a snack. In the heart of Stuttgart, DIA – Dittel Architekten practice has created the town’s first PANO branch at the new Gerber shopping centre. The Pano Brot & Kaffee invites shoppers to enjoy home-made products from organic and local farms in a cosy setting. Visitors experience a warm, relaxed atmosphere and are invited into the living room like guests calling on good friends.

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An extraordinary ceiling element, which unfolds from the entrance through to the rear section, leads into the 225m² room. The use of high-quality materials, such as solid oak, hand-stitched real leather and Italian clay flagstones, represents corporate values such as tradition, honesty and quality. In this way, the PANO brand can be comprehended in a holistic way.

The solid oak table, which is over 5m long and 1.15m wide, is the distinctive feature of the room, complemented by an impressive bookshelf over 5m high. The latter sets the tone for the dining area with approx. 92 seats in its characteristic openness, creating an exclusive area in which to present the diverse assortment of products. A wide variety of seating options offers the very varied target group the right seat for individual requirements. Whether you are after a quick snack ‘à deux’ with a view across the Gerber quarter or a good old chat with friends over coffee in front of a cosy fire, the interior decoration offers the ideal opportunity for enjoying a break from your daily routine to the fullest.



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