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  • Montreal Biodome by KANVA

    Montreal Biodome by KANVA

    Montreal-based firm KANVA recently completed works on the newly redesigned Biodome, a Montreal science museum that immerses visitors in the authentic environs of multiple ecosystems. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Quai 5160 - Verdun Cultural Center by FABG Architects

    Quai 5160 – Verdun Cultural Center by FABG Architects

    FABG Architects recently completed their latest project in Montréal, Canada – Quai 5160 – Verdun Cultural Center. The project is a conversion of the former Guy-Gagnon Arena into a Cultural Center that includes a 360-seat performance room, an art gallery, a mediation room, a circus school as well as additional office spaces. Discover the complete […] More

  • Interior Design Tips for Those in the Healthcare Industry

    Interior design is the reason you see many of the vibrant, abstract, and interesting properties you do today. Talented people who have an eye for design are able to look at a space and decide the best way such spaces can be decorated and brought to life. If you happen to own a business in […] More

  • International Building Projects That Stirred Interest Among Architects

    Architecture can be considered pure art from some points of view. Art gives people the chance to express themselves fully. Architecture combines both this expression of the inner self and the possibility to actually use the product of imagination. Architecture is also a strange combination of exact data, perfect measurements, thorough planning and the freedom […] More

  • Cells: The Healthcare of the Future by Filippo Taidelli

    Architect Filippo Taidelli presents “Cells”, a project that investigates the relationship between technology, healthcare and architecture at Milan Design Week 2018. A site-specific installation shows the prototype of the healthcare of the future  where once Milan’s most ancient hospital, the Ca’ Granda, was. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Mecanoo

    Palace of Justice in Cordoba by Mecanoo and Ayesa

    Mecanoo and local partner Ayesa‘s  design of the  Palace of Justice in Cordoba won the international competition back in 2006 but the crisis held it back till 2014. The building has been completed and officially opened in November last year. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Westland Town Hall by architectenbureau cepezed

    On Wednesday September 27, the new Westland town hall and municipality office were opened in Naaldwijk. The opening included an official ribbon cutting ceremony by mayor Sjaak van der Tak, alderman Bram Meijer, Volker Wessels CEO Dik Wessels and Volker Wessels director Piet van der Hoeven. The town hall functions as a center for the […] More

  • KAPSARC by Zaha Hadid Architects

    KAPSARC (King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre) is a non-profit institution for independent research into policies that contribute to the most effective use of energy to provide social wellbeing across the globe. KAPSARC develops policies and economic frameworks that reduce the environmental impact and overall costs of energy supply and enable practical technology-based solutions […] More

  • Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Nakaaoki Branch by Emmanuelle Moureaux

    Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design designed this impressive bank. The site is located on the corner of major intersection, where there is a frequent movement of cars, bicycles and people. Taking this unique location as a characteristic, the facade is designed to be rhythmical that changes expression as people see from different angles. Colors appear […] More

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