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Kameleon interior by COEN!

Kameleon COENKameleon COEN

Project: Kameleon interior 
Designed by COEN!
Interior Designer: COEN! Design agency
Interior Builder: Cokoen
Client: Jeweler Kameleon
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
COEN! design agency shares with us the solution for a jewelry store interior, for Kameleon by a simple twist designers achieved remarkable results. For more images and designer's description continue after the jump:

From the Designers:

Kameleon, a jeweller, has chosen COEN! To take care of its design management. All communication of this trendsetting jeweler is designed and guarded by COEN!. Jewels in this shop are presented by personality, not by material or by brand. A new logotype, designed in four personalities, and a new website are the first results of this new identity. After that, the interior is changed.

Kameleon COENKameleon COENKameleon COENKameleon COENKameleon COENKameleon COEN


Everyone is unique. COEN! And his team have the expertise needed to translate this uniqueness into a consistent and powerful corporate identity which fits like a glove. 

A chameleon has the unique ability to change its colour. Kameleon has changed its colour and appeal by a new interior. Banners in different shades colour the floor and the walls. A black ceiling supports these stripes. Bright white showcases attract the attention to the modern jewels in an appealing way. The whole shop is illuminated energy efficient. COEN! Signs for the right interior that sparkles and glows in changing colours.

In this project the designer uses colour effectively: an appropriate colour combination can greatly enhance your shopping experience. Colour elements enhance and focus attention on the identity of this shop.

Jaap Bothof, owner of ‘Kameleon’ says: ‘COEN! Developed an innovative concept. This concept is created after some brainstorm sessions with our team. We are sure that this investment in design pays itself back in time twice over.’

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