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  • Suzanne Hunt Architect

    Treehouse by Suzanne Hunt Architect

    Suzanne Hunt Architect (SHA) has unveiled the “Treehouse,” a groundbreaking  project that embodies sustainability, innovation, and a love of nature. Architectural Harmony with Nature SHA’s Treehouse is a tribute to the natural world, harmoniously nestled within a tree-filled terrain. The project emphasizes the importance of maintaining the local environment and respecting the cultural heritage of […] More

  • Rama Architects

    M House by Rama Architects

    Rama Architects have recently completed their latest residential project on the tranquil shoreline of Clareville Beach, the M House. The project represents a remarkable fusion of modern design and immersive greenery that redefines the relationship between man and nature. With architectural hints of Brazilian Modernism, M House boasts a concrete form characterized by deep eaves, […] More

  • Studio Bright

    Studio Bright Unveils Innovative Garden Tower House in Cremorne

    In the midst of rapid urban development and soaring towers in Cremorne, Studio Bright has unveiled their innovative “Garden Tower House” project. Designed to breathe new life into a dilapidated Victorian-era weatherboard home on a modest 144 square meter site, the project is a testament to creative architectural problem-solving and a deep appreciation for nature […] More

  • Lande Architects

    Malvern House by Lande Architects

    In a quest to find the perfect downsized home to embrace their retirement years, a couple turned to Lande Architects, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary. The project, aptly named “Malvern House,” is a harmonious blend of modern design and lush greenery, transforming a quaint cottage into a luxurious yet understated oasis for […] More


    Whipbird by Minnow Studio and ZERNI

    Nestled atop the ridge of the Noosa Hinterland’s most breathtaking location lies “Whipbird,” a bold architectural masterpiece that marries Brutalist aesthetics with the simplicity of a T-shaped pavilion design. Designed by Minnow Studio in collaboration with Zerni, this extraordinary home weaves poetry into its very existence as it forms an intimate bond between its residents […] More

  • Dean Dyson Architects

    Cloud House by Dean Dyson Architects

    Dean Dyson Architects have recently unveiled their latest project, Cloud House, a breathtaking residence that seamlessly marries the desire for sanctuary-like living with a deep connection to the natural world. Located in the heart of Malvern, Australia, this architectural wonder stands as a testament to innovation, design prowess, and an unwavering commitment to providing homeowners […] More

  • Hogg & Lamb by Hogg & Lamb

    In a stunning re-imagination of living in residential sub-divisions, Hogg & Lamb Architects has unveiled, a sanctuary for family life in a coastal subdivision of Northern NSW, Australia. Emphasizing the outdoor experience with a focus on sustainability, offers a refreshing contrast to the monotonous ‘big box’ housing in the vicinity. With a Gross […] More

  • Edition Office

    Mary Street House by Edition Office

    Edition Office has recently completed work on their latest residential project, a a reimagining of a well-worn Federation-era home. Situated at the end of the street, the urban site boasts a favorable orientation that allows for ample exposure to the northern sun. However, it also presents a unique set of obstacles due to its proximity […] More

  • Architecture Architecture

    Sunday Home by Architecture Architecture

    Architecture Architecture has recently completed this Sunday Home, a stunning private residence in Fitzroy, Australia. Sunday embodies a harmonious sanctuary that caters to both the physical and psychological needs of its inhabitants. Within its walls, a plethora of spaces await, each meticulously designed to offer solace and tranquility. From communal areas that foster social connections […] More

  • Jan Juc Acre House by Heartly and Project Now

    Interior design studio Heartly has recently completed work on their latest project in Jan Juc, Australia – Jan Juc Acre House. The Jan Juc Acre’s interior decor reacts to the neighborhood and community, the original 1980s home, and the characteristics of the family who resides there. Each of these contexts influenced the choices made in […] More

  • Edition Office

    Fenwick St by Edition Office

    Edition Office have recently completed their latest residential project in Australia – Fenwick St. This extraordinary project is situated in the picturesque suburb of Kew, Australia, nestled along the awe-inspiring Birrarung/Yarra River. Its strategic location offers a seamless connection to the adjacent Yarra Bend Park, while providing breathtaking northern views that extend towards the enchanting […] More

  • FIGR Architecture & Design

    Hot Top Peak House by FIGR Architecture & Design

    The Hot Top Peak House, designed by FIGR Architecture & Design, is a remarkable architectural endeavor located in Richmond, Melbourne. It stands out as an innovative addition to the bustling urban fabric of the suburb. The house is situated on a compact 175m2 plot with dual street frontages, showcasing the potential of urban densification. Rather […] More

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