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  • Elysium Spa by GRAU architects

    Elysium Spa by GRAU architects

    Hidden in the basement of the historical center of Bratislava, GRAU architects designed an urban spa based on the perception of space as the temple for the body. The design works with a minimalist combination of three elements – wood, tiles and embedded objects – which define the interspace that winds freely around the Spa […] More

  • The Tour Of Bachledka Summit Facilities by COMPASS ARCHITEKTI

    Take a tour of the Bachledka Summit Facilities in Slovakia coming from the drawing table of COMPASS ARCHITEKTI.  The project is located at the top of Mala Poľana on the ridge of Spišská Magura where in season the area is visited by more than 6,000 tourists. The site is known for its skiing, hiking, biking […] More

  • Istropolis by KCAP and CITYFÖRSTER

      KCAP and CITYFÖRSTER have designed a new cultural building and district for Bratislava, Slovakia Trnavské mýto will house a state-of-the-art concert and congress venue and the area will be transformed into a modern open neighbourhood including a series of green and public areas. Discover more after the jump. More

  • Rezidencie na Bielej Púti by JANREVAJ architects

    Rezidencie na Bielej Púti by JANREVAJ architects

    JANREVAJ architects designed this stunning residential complex in Slovakia. The design is inspired by a bat´s ears an echolocation.The architect aimed to transform the emotion of fear, rejection and resistance, into the emotion of gentleness, tenderness, vulnerability to self-confidence and dominance in his territory. Discover more after the jump. More

  • Slovak Art Center by JANREVAJ architects

    Slovak Art Center by JANREVAJ architects

    JANREVAJ architects created a concept for a private investor of an Art Center inspired by the highest mountain in Slovakia – Gerlach Peak. He designed this Art Center as a free form with curving walls. Discover more after the jump. More

  • WebSupport by Studio Perspektiv

    WebSupport by Studio Perspektiv

    Czech Studio Perspektiv designed offices for one of the biggest Slovakian IT companies – WebSupport. Consistent to WebSupport’s strong visual style and communication strategies, Perspektiv built the work space the same way as a motherboard – a base to all things digital. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Lucron Office by Čechvala Architects

    Čechvala Architects designed new offices for LUCRON in Bratislava, Slovakia. The goal was to create a space with a character that could be identified with and would leave a lasting impression. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Courtyard in Trnava by Vallo Sadovsky Architects

    Slovak studio Vallo Sadovsky Architects have reconstructed a courtyard and adjacent buildings in Trnava, Slovakia. The site consists of structures dating back to the 14th century with changes from the 16th all the way to the 20th century. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Family House Jarovce by Compass architekti

    Studio Compass Architekti designed a family house based on three simple requirements: a small house, no stairs and lots of space for nine grandchildren. The concept centers around a green atrium complemented by the house. The house is shaped in a form of the letter L defines the atrium on its two sides. Take a […] More

  • Discover The Sky Park Bratislava by ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS

    The prolific ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS unveiled their latest residential project, The Sky Park Bratislava. The project developer has already sold over 60% of the apartments in the project, in less than a month since the apartments became available on the market.  A ceremony to lay the foundation stone of Sky Park, Bratislava has marked the […] More

  • Villa B by Architekti Mikulaj & Mikulajova

    Architekti Mikulaj & Mikulajova designed this inspiring contemporary two-storey residence situated in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2010. Take a look at the complete story below. More

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