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  • ZIKZAK Architects

    Genesis Office by ZIKZAK Architects

    The Genesis Corporation, a leading IT company known for its innovative approach to business, has partnered with ZIKZAK Architects to create a cutting-edge workspace that blends functionality, aesthetics, and technology. The result is the stunning Office for Genesis, a 2500 square meter workspace designed to inspire continuous improvement and promote work efficiency among its employees. […] More

  • Bezmirno Architects

    Archiscene Talks to Bezmirno Architects about their Poli House Project

    In a striking display of architectural prowess, Bezmirno Architects has revealed its latest project – the “Poli House.” This visionary project represents a harmonious marriage of contemporary design and the nature that surrounds it, pushing the boundaries of modern architecture while respecting the environment. We sat down with Bezmirno Architects to delve into the intricacies […] More

  • balbek bureau

    Relogged House by balbek bureau

    In a serene enclave on the Ukrainian riverbank, a remarkable architectural transformation has taken place. The Relogged House, meticulously redesigned by balbek bureau, challenges traditional notions of log cabin living, offering a refreshing perspective on tranquility and comfort in harmony with nature. Derived from the fusion of “reinterpreted” and “logged,” the name Relogged encapsulates the […] More

  • MAKHNO Studio

    FUTURA by MAKHNO Studio

    MAKHNO Studio unveiled FUTURA – the headquarters for one of Ukraine’s leading industrial enterprises in metallurgy. FUTURA is an exceptional office building that sets new standards for Ukrainian architecture with its bold and innovative design. The challenge faced by the specialists at MAKHNO Studio was to create an architectural concept for the headquarters of a […] More

  • Makhno Studio

    The House Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art and Ceramics by Makhno Studio

    Designed by Makhno Studio, the House Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art and Ceramics is an architectural marvel envisioned to celebrate the richness and progression of Ukrainian culture. Initiated by the Makhno Art Foundation, the museum seamlessly integrates architecture, design, traditions, crafts, and nature to create an immersive cultural experience. Set to be built in the […] More

  • Rina Lovko Studio

    Jolly Beauty Salon by Rina Lovko Studio

    Architecture and interior design bureau Rina Lovko Studio has recently completed work Jolly Beauty Salon in Kyiv, Ukraine. The salon is temporarily closed because of the war, but soon it will open its doors again. And each of us should find strength to continue our job and move towards our bright future. The employer aimed […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects design Lobby of the Stanford Residential Complex

    The Perfect Group development company commissioned ZIKZAK Architects to design the lobby of their Stanford residential project. Stanford is a multifunctional residential complex located in the capital’s business district on Pechersk. According to the developer, its philosophy is a state of mind and a particular mood, the art of stylish and refined living. As a […] More

  • makhno

    Vyshyto House by MAKHNO Studio

    Makhno Studio designed this stunning private residence for a large Ukrainian family with a father, mother and four children in Kyiv, Ukraine. The aim was to maintain Ukrainian authenticity by creating a balance between national self-perfection and modern visual solutions. The significance of MAKHNO Studio’s contemporary Ukrainian style, the past and present, and what is […] More

  • MAKHNO Studio

    Vitryak by MAKHNO Studio

    MAKHNO Studio has designed the Vitryak project, which is situated in the center of a windmill-filled field on the bank of the Dnipro River. Vitryak is the potential for the use of renewable energy technology in territorial communities that are primarily located in rural areas. The primary issues on the table right now are boosting […] More

  • Rina Lovko Studio

    Semerey by Rina Lovko Studio

    Kyiv based interior design Rina Lovko Studio, has recently completed works on their latest residential project – Semerey. The apartment is located on the fourth level of a building in Kyiv’s historic district that was constructed in 1905. The room itself is bright because to the abundance of windows that look out into a peaceful […] More

  • “Elegance” Apartment by SENCE ARCHITECTS

    Architecture studio SENCE ARCHITECTS has unveiled a new project for RC Park Avenue – “Elegance”. Designed for a young couple who enjoys traveling, the project is a perfect mix of homeliness and contemporary design concepts. The apartment has a hotel-like ambience and well-thought-out practicality, so every nook functions as a haven. The interior color scheme is […] More

  • Take a Tour of JP Residence designed by Men Bureau

      Kyiv based architecture and interior design firm Men Bureau has recently completed its latest residential project – JP Residence. It is the first detached house for a two-person family who has previously lived in a rental unit. The homeowner prefers a calm, straightforward, natural, and uncomplicated environment. A significant amount of warm-colored wood and […] More

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