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STAN: A Yoga and Barre Studio by Dubrovska Studio

A sanctuary of feminine strength and elegance in Kyiv.

© Dubrovska Studio

In the heart of Kyiv, a new sanctuary for self-expression and holistic well-being has emerged, blending the elegance and strength of feminine energy with modern design.


STAN, a yoga and barre studio designed by Dubrovska Studio, is a carefully crafted environment that celebrates individuality and the spirit of womanhood.

© Dubrovska Studio

A Vision Rooted in Femininity

Founded by professional ballet dancer Mariia Dreihaupt, STAN welcomes those identifying as women, offering a space that intertwines Dreihaupt’s personality with a broader celebration of femininity. The designers at Dubrovska Studio, led by Natalie Dubrovska, Katerina Bandura, and Daria Shmyrko, focused on creating a soft, elegant, and inviting atmosphere, contrasting with the sharp, existing layout of the building.

Creating an Inviting Space

The design team aimed to introduce softness by rounding corners and using light curtains to smooth out the interior layout. The studio’s design unfolds seamlessly, starting with a curtain corridor that guides visitors to the changing rooms and showers. To address the absence of minimalistic and soft solutions for lockers, the designers crafted bespoke lockers complete with unique number and key tags.

The showers, inspired by modernist public bathrooms, are adorned with small mosaic tiles, adding a touch of vintage charm to the space. As visitors venture further into the studio, they are greeted by the heart of STAN—a spacious room designed for yoga and barre classes. This versatile space, accommodating up to 15 people, features a flexible lighting setup and mirror walls, creating an environment where the magic of each session can truly unfold.

© Dubrovska Studio

Sustainability Amidst Challenges

The primary concept for STAN involved reusing existing elements and sourcing materials locally. Despite the wartime conditions in Ukraine during construction, which made ordering from abroad challenging, the emphasis on sustainability aligned perfectly with the overall vision. “In our situation, when we initiated the project, there was virtually nothing available. We literally pieced the project together from leftovers we found around Kyiv,” explained designer Natalie Dubrovska.

Frequent electricity blackouts and material shortages did not deter the design team. Instead, these challenges fueled their creativity and commitment to crafting a unique space. All elements were designed and crafted based on designer drawings, with the centerpiece being a custom-designed sofa for the welcoming area. Dubrovska envisioned upholstering it with gobelin fabric, which led to a humorous journey of fabric hunting, ultimately finding a perfect match from the 1970s.

Thoughtful Details and Unique Touches

Complementing the sofa, little tables were made from stone leftovers, sourced locally. A mirror, cut into a rock base in the welcoming area, creates an illusion of magic and charm, reflecting different parts of the space depending on the angle. The reception desk, cast in concrete, features rough edges that contrast beautifully with the soft surroundings. This design blends seamlessly with the existing gray microcement on the floor, achieving the desired look and feel.

A Celebration of Ukrainian Culture and Resilience

The name “STAN,” derived from the Ukrainian word “CTAH,” signifies both physical posture and a state of self-awareness. This dual meaning encapsulates the studio’s philosophy of promoting physical health and mental well-being. Despite the challenges faced during its creation, STAN stands as a testament to the resilience and creativity of the Ukrainian people.

STAN, designed by Dubrovska Studio is a sanctuary that celebrates feminine strength, elegance, and individuality. Through thoughtful design and sustainable practices, the studio offers a transformative journey for those who enter its doors. Situated in the vibrant heart of Kyiv, STAN is a beacon of creativity and resilience, inviting women to embrace their inner strength and elegance.

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