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  • The Ultimate Design Kitchen Trends To Look Out For

    If you are a Chef, a cooking enthusiast or simply a fan of interior design, the kitchen is certainly an important space in your home. Its design and décor are definitely something worth paying close attention to. It should be elegant and comfortable, as well as make you easily navigate with its functionality. Thus interior […] More

  • Choose Your Perfect Ceiling Fan in 5 Steps

    A ceiling fan is a great addition to any home. Whether you’re replacing an old, outdated fan or installing one where no fan was before, you need to know how to choose the right size, type, and style of fan for your space. That way, you’ll be sure to get a fan that can stand […] More

  • 4 Simple Tips that You Must Adhere for a Beautiful Home

    Creating an inspiring design for your home makes a welcoming first impression for your guests. It is something that any homeowner will want to achieve – a nice feeling for them and their visitors, as admiring the impressive interior design. You have pictured a perfectly styled home and thought, “How can I make my house […] More

  • Essential Elements to Include When Designing a Bathroom

    When you initially start planning your bathroom, you may be slightly daunted by the task. It’s one of the most practical rooms in the house, and there is a lot you need to get sorted. Before you start stressing out too much, remember, the bathroom you’re designing is for you. You do what’s right for […] More

  • 7 Ways to Make Your Home More Visually Compelling

    It’s likely that millions of homeowners across the United States are frustrated by their home’s lack of character. But you don’t have to engage an interior designer to transform your residence into a home. Sometimes a few simple upgrades can add the visual charm you’re looking for. More

  • How To Adopt A Stylish Minimalist Look For Your Home

    With the world seemingly moving faster every year and the general populace putting heavy emphasis on material possessions, it’s no wonder that the Minimalist Movement is starting to take off. People from all backgrounds and generations, from Los Angeles to Leawood, KY are all searching for a way to simplify their lives and give them […] More

  • Statement Or Style: Will Dramatic Furniture Fall Back In 2020?

    Interior design trends are always on the move, and in 2019 we saw a lot of bold styles. In particular, homes used sculptural furniture as accent pieces, items that announced their presence and drew attention to themselves. Looking to 2020’s trends, though, we expect to see a step back from these types of statement pieces. […] More

  • VERSACE Furniture by Interior Designer Sasha Bikoff

    Versace Furniture teams up with Interior Design Sasha Bikoff for a special presentation at the ongoing Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami.  The “South Beach Stories” exhibition is to also host a series of images from a book published by Gianni Versace in 1993.  The book featured images captured by photographer Doug Ordway spotlight […] More

  • Top Home Interior Design Tips To Make An Impression

    Enhancing the general appeal of your home with the intention of creating lasting impressions on your guests is not entirely as tricky as it may seem. While you should approach the project with your own comfort and preferences in mind, you may not have to throw out all your furnishings simply to achieve a charming […] More

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Shaker Style Architecture

    Stylish, functional, and quintessentially American. These are the words that best sum up Shaker-style architecture, which is by many counts America’s favorite form of design. But what is Shaker style? Is it simply a stripped-back, agrarian school of design, or does it represent something more bold and modern? If you want to learn everything about […] More

  • 4 Ways You Can Optimize and Redesign Your Home With Functionality in Mind

    To redesign your home with with functionality in mind is always the starting point of every home redesign, or at least it should be.  Does your house ever frustrate you? Do you ever think to yourself, “It shouldn’t be this hard!” Well, you aren’t alone. Most houses – especially ones that are 25-plus years old […] More

  • The Changing Face Of Student Accommodation

    Previously renowned as crowded, dirty flats crammed with students desperately trying to revise for the next day’s test, student accommodation has undergone a revolution over recent years. No more are students living in dingy, unkempt properties that landlords don’t want to invest in: today students expect quality homes with on-site facilities designed to allow them […] More

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