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Entre Quatre Murs Transforms Healthcare Spaces

Revolutionizing Clinic Design with Elegance and Serenity

Courtesy of Alex Lesage- Entre Quatre Murs Transforms Healthcare Spaces

Entre Quatre Murs presents its latest project in downtown Montreal: a plastic surgery clinic that humanizes the client experience in the medical field. This mission was brilliantly accomplished by the designers, who developed this innovative concept imbued with organic inspiration. The result is a harmonious fusion of soft shapes, contrasting materials, and a soothing color palette.

Courtesy of Alex Lesage
Courtesy of Alex Lesage

Upon entering the space, visitors are welcomed by an interweaving of curved walls covered in ash slats, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. These curves, subtly reminiscent of the fluid lines of the human body, extend through the corridor leading to staff areas, conveying a sense of fluidity and movement that permeates the entire reception area where visitors wait. The design choice not only adds a touch of elegance but also evokes a sense of calm and comfort, setting the tone for a serene experience.

A cube near the main entrance, clad entirely in bronze-colored metal panels, serves as a visually striking element in the space. Strategically placed to provide a contrast with the warmth of wood and delicate curves that surround it, this juxtaposition creates a unique visual balance. The bronze cube captures visitors’ attention upon entering the clinic and guides them toward the changing room, bathroom, and coffee area, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Courtesy of Alex Lesage

“Our main goal was to create a calming and bright space that helps reduce the stress experienced by patients during their visit to the clinic,” explains Pierrick Beaulieu-Wojtowicki, project designer at Entre Quatre Murs. “To achieve this, we made extensive use of natural light from the windows and designed the spaces to optimize its distribution.” The thoughtful use of light transforms the clinic into a bright, airy haven that promotes a sense of tranquility.

Courtesy of Alex Lesage
Courtesy of Alex Lesage

Soft tones and tactile textures were carefully integrated to establish an atmosphere of calm and well-being. The designers also aimed to transcend the traditional aspect of medical clinics by introducing furniture elements with organic shapes, evoking an atmosphere that is both comforting and refined. This approach helps to blur the lines between medical and leisure spaces, offering a more relaxed and welcoming environment.

Courtesy of Alex Lesage
Courtesy of Alex Lesage

“We aimed to design an environment that goes beyond the traditional medical aspect, creating an experience that soothes the senses and uplifts the spirit,” adds Gatline Artis, the company’s owner. “Every element, from curved walls to material choices, has been meticulously thought out to generate a unique synergy reflecting both the elegance of the space and the serenity it provides.” This attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the clinic contributes to a cohesive and luxurious experience.

With the well-being of all clinic users at heart, the team designed the medical zones and employee spaces to harmonize with the overall project. The main objective was to create a cohesive experience for both patients and employees within the clinic. Even spaces traditionally perceived as sterile and unwelcoming, such as operating rooms, were designed with the intention of making the experience more humane. Administrative offices and the employee lounge also received equal attention to well-being and comfort, benefiting from generous natural light and integrating a palette of bright, soft, and warm materials.

Courtesy of Alex Lesage

This innovative project redefines standards in the medical field by offering a unique visual and sensory experience. Thus, this aesthetic medical clinic in downtown Montreal transforms into an oasis of serenity, transporting clients into a chic, elegant, and relaxing universe. By merging function with high design, Entre Quatre Murs has set a new benchmark for healthcare interiors, creating a space where beauty and wellness coexist harmoniously.

Official Project Name: Lipo MD Montreal
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Studio: Entre Quatre Murs
Designers team: Pierrick Beaulieu-Wojtowicki, Gatline Artis
Suppliers: Ciot, Shaw contract, Moroso, Hay, Muuto, EQ3, Teknion, Artopex, Blu Dot, EDB et Pedrali.
Area: 3150 sq.ft.
Year: 2023
Photo credit: Alex Lesage

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