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DIOR Runway Set Design for Men’s Summer 2025 Collection

Sculptural Elegance and Artisanal Grandeur: The Set Design of Dior Men’s Summer 2025 Runway Show

Dior Men’s Summer 2025 – photo ©Adrien Dirand

The Dior Men’s Summer 2025 runway show in Paris was nothing short of spectacular, where the Kim Jones’ celebration of craftsmanship took center stage through its striking set design. Dominated by the artistic influence of renowned South African ceramist Hylton Nel, the runway was transformed into a sculptural gallery, each piece telling its own story of art and creation.

Central to the runway’s aesthetic were the enlarged ceramic cat statues, each painstakingly detailed to present Nel’s signature style. These statues not only served as a backdrop but also as main elements that tied the theme of the collection to the visual narrative of the show. The textured surfaces and intricate patterns painted on the sculptures mirrored the attention to detail and craftsmanship synonymous with Dior, while also paying homage to Nel’s artistry.

Dior Runway Set Design
Dior Men’s Summer 2025 – photo ©Adrien Dirand

The placement of these sculptures was strategic, creating an engaging path that guided the models’ walk and offered the audience a multi-dimensional viewing experience. The effect was a dynamic interaction between the fashion pieces and the art, where each complemented the other, highlighting the collection’s theme of longevity, functionality, and legacy. At the same time the sculptures engaged the guests at the show before seeing the collection. 

On Hylton Nel

Hylton Nel is a South African conceptual artist whose work defies simple classification, melding a deep interest in diverse ideas with his mastery of ceramics. Residing on the outskirts of Calitzdorp in the Klein Karoo, Nel has spent over five decades refining his craft and developing a unique visual language that sets his work apart.

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Nel’s artistry is driven by a fascination with various intellectual and cultural debates, spanning the history of decorative arts, literature, visual arts, and pertinent political issues. His inspirations are eclectic, drawing from a rich tapestry of global art history—including the subtle meanings behind specific hues in Chinese ceramics, the intricate patterns of Islamic tiles, the symbolic representation of cats in Egyptian art, the dynamic poses found in ancient Greek erotic paintings, the serene expressions of Buddhist sculptures, and the poignant faces of African figures.

Dior Runway Set Design
Dior Men’s Summer 2025 – photo ©Adrien Dirand
Dior Runway Set Design
Dior Men’s Summer 2025 – photo ©Adrien Dirand

For Nel, the medium of clay is not just a tool for creation but a canvas for expressing complex ideas. Although the technical process of molding forms is not his primary challenge, the real essence of his work lies in the ideas and impulses that drive each creation. His approach transforms ordinary ceramic pieces into thought-provoking artworks, making him a distinctive figure in the realm of contemporary art. His works invite viewers to explore deeper narratives and engage with the underlying debates that inspire them, reflecting his lifelong dedication to both the craft and the intellectual exploration it facilitates.

I met the work before the man. But it was through his ceramics that I hod a very good idea of who the man was – they are full of life, with his life so very present in them. I was intrigued and knew that I had to meet him in person. I’ve collected ceramics for many years, mainly Bloomsbury’s Omega Workshop, and I have always liked a way of life shaping them – this happens quite literally in what Hytion does. His soft tones, his colour palette, and what is portrayed – animals, nature, people – are all a reflection of his way of being in South Africa, both joyful and melancholy. I recognised so much in the work, both geographically and personally,” shares Kim Jones the Creative Director of DIOR

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The overall Dior runway set design in addition to featuring the enlarged statues of Hylton’s ceramics was further enriched by subtle lighting that accentuated the curves and crevices of the ceramic figures, casting dramatic shadows and drawing attention to the depth of textures, both in the sculptures and the clothing. This thoughtful integration of art and fashion by Kim Jones beautifully connected the dedication to crafts and the applied arts, which Dior and Nel both celebrate.

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