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Golden Goose Debuts Younique Caffè

Elevating Co-Creation with Unique F&B Personalization

Courtesy of Golden Goose-Golden Goose Debuts Younique Caffè

Golden Goose is breaking new ground in the world of retail and dining with the launch of its inaugural Younique caffè on May 16th in Bangkok, Thailand, situated at Emquartier. This pioneering concept represents a bold step forward in the brand’s Co-Creation journey, offering a one-of-a-kind F&B experience within the immersive setting of its flagship store.

Courtesy of Golden Goose
Courtesy of Golden Goose

Younique offers a unique fusion of café culture and retail therapy, showcasing Golden Goose’s commitment to innovative Co-Creation encounters on a global scale. Customers can expect a personalized and interactive journey that caters to various moods and schedules.

For those in a hurry, the experience is fast-paced, engaging, and entertaining. Upon arrival, customers are prompted to select their current mood from a range of options like happy, moody, sleepy, in a rush, or stylish. A high-tech machine then prints a surprise message on their take-away Golden cup, adding a touch of delight to their day.

Courtesy of Golden Goose
Courtesy of Golden Goose

Alternatively, customers with more time to spare can indulge in a leisurely Younique experience, where they are invited to Co-Create their dessert using an array of creative toppings. Desserts and foamy drinks can be adorned with delicate gold leaf, and each sip from the porcelain cup unveils a hidden message, ensuring a memorable and joyous finale.

Courtesy of Golden Goose
Courtesy of Golden Goose

Younique serves as a luxurious haven for coffee enthusiasts, offering an array of Co-Creation experiences that celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. The menu combines Italian coffee traditions with local influences, featuring a diverse selection of Icons, Signatures, Hot & Cold Selections, Manual Brews, and Desserts. Traditional favorites like Tiramisù and Affogato receive a Golden Goose twist, infusing them with an extra layer of creativity.

With plans to expand its innovative concept to cities such as Nanjing, Xiamen, Seoul, Dallas, and New York, Golden Goose is set to revolutionize the intersection of retail and dining, inviting customers to savor and share life’s finer moments in style.


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