Serious Home Issues You Should Never Ignore

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Homes are expensive. They are, in most cases, the single biggest financial investment we ever make in a lifetime, yet many of us do not spend anywhere near enough money on home maintenance. This is crazy! If you don’t look after your investment, it won’t look after you. Homes need a regular program of maintenance or they soon begin to fall apart. Nobody expects a wooden fence to withstand the elements without a coat of wood preservative every couple of years, yet we are happy to ignore a loose shingle or dripping faucet for months.

Home issues can be expensive, but ignoring them usually leads to a far higher bill. Here are some of the more serious home issues that need fixing sooner rather than later.

Large Cracks in Walls

Hairline cracks in plaster are nothing to worry about, but significant cracks suggest there is movement in the foundations. The foundation is supposed to support the structure of the house, so if there are problems below ground, the structural integrity of the property is at risk. There are a number of foundation repair methods, so call in a professional to assess what is causing the cracks.


Mold is often a symptom of poor ventilation or high humidity. Mold in basement rooms could indicate the tanking has failed whereas mold above ground level is a sign there are damp issues, perhaps from a hidden leak or a failed damp proof course. Whatever the underlying cause, mold is a serious health risk and needs further investigation.

Peeling Paint

Paint needs a refresh every few years – or more in the case of woodwork outdoors. Don’t ignore peeling woodwork outdoors, as you will end up having to replace it. If you own an older property, be careful if paint is peeling away indoors, as you could be dealing with lead-based paint.

Smelly Drains

Smelly drains are unpleasant. If the drain isn’t used very often, it isn’t a cause for concern as the water in the U-bend may have dried out, but a bad eggs smell from your drains is an indication there is a blockage somewhere. Tree roots or a fat build-up could be the source of your bad smells, so call in a drain expert to assess the problem.

A Sagging Roof

A sagging roofline suggests the underlying timbers are no longer supporting the weight of the roofing materials. Carry out an attic inspection to see whether internal timbers are rotten or bowing. If water is getting in through a loose shingle or cracked flashing, fix the leak and the timber should dry out. However, roofing timbers may need replacing, so ask a professional for advice.

Worn Decking

Timber decking is a popular landscaping material, but it does need regular maintenance to ensure longevity. Warped decking, rotten supports, and split timbers are dangerous, especially if your decking is above ground level. Don’t put your family at risk. Have the decking fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Other problems you should never ignore include asbestos, rotten windows, and standing water in the backyard.

All the images come from the Casa Ventura designed by Tatiana Bilbao, which we are sure has no issues like these, for the time being.