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Up-Cycled Warehouse by Zen Architects

Zen Architects were in charge of coverting a 1960’s warehouse into this stunning industrial loft located in Melbourne, Australia, in 2013. Take a look at the complete story below.

The ethos behind the conversion of this 1960’s warehouse was to retain and re-use as much of the existing building as possible while still transforming it into a comfortable and energy efficient family home.
The philosophy of retaining and re-using materials was applied throughout the project. In addition to the building envelope being retained, many original elements were re-used including light fittings, sprinkler pipes, doors, cladding and roof sheeting.
The existing warehouse floor slab was also kept, partially due to restricted site access, but also for its inherent embodied energy.
The addition of a north-facing courtyard provides a generous amount of light and heat in winter in an otherwise poorly oriented building. Cross ventilation is achieved through new high level louvres. Mezzanine rooms float within the original volume and structure of the warehouse. A new raised deck links the living areas with the courtyard.
By inserting a garden and light into an existing warehouse we have created an warm and liveable family home.

Photography by Emma Cross

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