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Shenzen Private Residence by Shenzhen Super Normal Interior Design

Shenzhen Super Normal Interior Design designed this inspiring contemporary loft located in Shenzhen, China, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: Because of Jane Austen’s masterpiece Pride and Prejudice, “Mr. Darcy” has become the most perfect golden bachelor in the literary history. He possesses both the pride of the nobility and the self-discipline of a gentleman. His retro charm of both inside and outside still touches people’s heart nowadays.

Mr. C is such an elegant and cultivated elite who is extremely rigorous about his daily life: 3 independent cloakrooms, where more than 300 shoes are displayed orderly; enter the room without taking off his shoes, because he believes that wearing slipper is not polite to the guests; windows are closed, so fresh air conditioner has been frequently used; never dry clothes in the sunlight, but dry by drying machine……

For interior design details, Mr. C ‘s requests are nothing less than the harsh standard of the luxury hotel, therefore Super Normal team had travelled around Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong and even Italy to explore hotels, furniture and materials. Also, Super Normal measured the sizes of all kinds of function area at present homes of Mr. C in Shenzhen and Shanghai, so as to customizes this reserved and warm gentleman residence.


Hard and simple lines are used in the whole room to outline men’s boldness. Contrast between wood and stone texture highlights the beauty of solemn and quiet. Open layout shows a sense of magnificent by connecting all spaces while meeting functional requirements. Top-notch original furniture shows a perfect gentle texture; the curved sofa in the living room soften the hard straight lines and enable intimate interaction between host and his guests; art paintings hanging on the wall adds free and lively ambiance to this rational and silent space.

The western-style kitchen is the most frequently used space for the owner. So the selection of materials of the whole house starts from a low saturation champagne baking vanish board of Armani/Dada in the western-style kitchen, then extends to the wood floor, wood finish and the type selection of other texture. Grey champagne is taken as the main tone, and dark and light colors are used to distinguish public and private spaces, to create an emotional experience of having boundaries while having no boundaries.

Besides the delicacy and exquisite external expression, the significant humanistic appeal and life precipitation of an old gentleman is the unduplicated charm of this space. In his youth, Mr. C worked as a bartender in the USA. He loves collecting wines, as well as Italian crystal and auction paintings. Super Normal’s careful consideration is fully reflected in the design of the study. It is not a traditional study but a red wine and cigar bar, where one can read books, watch movies, smoke cigar, and drink wine; it is as rich and varied as old wine, matching perfectly with the personality of the owner.

Construction standard which is comparable to industrial product standard is also a powerful control of quality, it enhances the ecological aesthetics of daily home furnishing. Life is diversified, which could be quiet and noisy, private and open. Mr. C’ s private house is like an well-cut, close-fitting and crease free business suit, which accommodates a gentlemen’s reserved and self-disciplined character and the pride and authentic self.

Photography by Fan Wenyao

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