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M Apartment by Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

Maya Sheinberger has completely redesigned this stunning maisonette apartment located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architect: A young and contemporary design for a woman in her 30s and her daughter. The client and the designer Maya Sheinberger are good friends of 20 years, so the design concept was very clear and specific from the beginning – black and white design with splashes of bright colors, in order to create a timeless design and a lively atmosphere.

The apartment is located at the top floor of a building that was built almost 20 years ago. It has two floors (143 m² combined), most of the living spaces are located on the bottom floor and on the top floor are a workspace, an extra bathroom and a large roof terrace of an additional 100 m². The layout stayed largely as it was, but the entire space received a modern new look and a classic yet trendy color and material scheme. One of the main features in the apartment is the blue staircase with the glass banister, which performs as a sculptural focal point in the space.

A black door leads to the public space of the apartment which includes the kitchen, living room and dining area. The designer chose to demolish the hallway wall, instead of it she created a multi-purpose cabinet. It incorporates storage, conceals the air conditioner and additional systems and in the living room it functions as a TV wall. All of the massive storage systems throughout the apartment were painted black, alongside the white walls they create depth and make the space seem bigger.

The dining area consists of a glass table top with a yellow and black construction. Around it are black chairs and it faces a custom made shelving system. The wall behind it is covered in white painted bricks and it adds a minimalistic texture to the modern space.

The kitchen is situated between the cozy living room and the elegant staircase. Like the rest of the space, it was designed mostly in black and white – tall black cabinets provide storage and frame the refrigerator and the oven, next to it are two white worktops, one features the sink and is placed alongside the wall, and the other is situated in the middle of the space. It holds the stove and provides a place to have daily and easygoing meals.


Before the renovation the guest bathroom was almost too small to enter, so the designer chose to enlarge it. The sink is placed on top of a white wire surface and the faucet provides a small touch of color to the room.

For the master bedroom the designer chose a wallpaper with a rich blue texture that creates a background for the upholstered bed. The bathroom walls are covered in white bricks and the floor is designed in a black and white pattern. The contrast of the black and the white is used as a motif throughout the apartment, like in the combination of black faucets, cabinets and mirror frames with the white sink and background in the bathroom, thus creating a timeless and minimalistic look.

Two extra rooms were designed as a bedroom for the daughter and a playroom, which in the future can be turned into an additional bedroom. They were both designed in light elegant colors that create a relaxing atmosphere.

The workspace, located on the top floor, can also become an extra bedroom in the future, today it features a wooden table and a large closet for storage.

The roof terrace is used mostly for entertaining, therefore the designer placed a few different seating options – a bench, a dining table and a living area with sofas and a coffee table. A combination of wood and synthetic grass create a feeling of a natural yard or garden and are used as a visual definition for the different areas.

Photography by Itay Benit

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