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  • Agape’s 50-Year Anniversary: An Exhibition Retrospective

    In the lush greens of the Mantuan countryside, Agape’s Bosco becomes more than just a site—it transforms into a beacon of design heritage as it hosts a monumental exhibition, commemorating Agape’s illustrious journey over the past half-century. BATHROOMS The legacy of Agape dates back to 1973 when the Benedini family pioneered a vision. This vision […] More

  • Samuel Ross Designs New Faucets for KOHLER

    A striking alliance between Dr. Samuel Ross‘s progressive design studio, SR_A, and globally revered manufacturer, Kohler Co., is set to transform the realm of water solutions through their cutting-edge collaboration: Kohler x SR_A. Dr. Samuel Ross, the founder of SR_A, is an influential figure in design who has been actively contributing to the industry since […] More


    With the new collections showcased during Milan Design Week 2023, GESSI‘s “haute culture” reaches the most private realm of existence. The brand made a statement by attending both the Fuorisalone and the Salone del Mobile at CASA GESSI MILANO, its Milanese showroom just a short distance from Via Montenapoleone and the “Quadrilatero della moda” and […] More

  • Top 6 Remodeling Tips For A Stylish And Functional Bathroom

    Top 6 Remodeling Tips For A Stylish And Functional Bathroom

    For many homeowners, the bathroom is the ideal oasis. It’s a special spot in your home where you can begin your day with a revitalizing shower and retreat after a demanding workday. Making your bathroom a relaxing haven should be a top priority in light of this. It may be time for a remodeling project […] More

  • Commercial Flush Valves 101

    Commercial Flush Valves 101

    If you own an office building, shop, or store, then the chances are that your restrooms utilize a commercial toilet model as opposed to a standard household toilet. Commercial toilets and urinals are designed to stand up to heavier, more frequent usage. The reason why the toilets at your favorite restaurant rarely clog is that […] More

  • Bathroom Decoration: Enhance Your Shower Experience

        Who wouldn’t want their bathroom to look like a home spa? Enhancing your bathroom is much easier than you may think. Moreover, you don’t have to break the bank to give your bathroom some well-deserved upgrades and make it look like an oasis inside of your home! We will give you all the […] More

  • 5 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Luxurious Spa Escape

    Can you imagine what it would be like to start your day in a spa each morning, rather than a musty bathroom that hasn’t seen a good cleaning in months? It would probably put you in a better mood, right? Well, it’s not as far-fetched as you might think. More

  • Steam Shower – How to keep it in Good Working Order

    Steam Shower – How to keep it in Good Working Order

    It goes without saying that steam showers are on the costly side as compared to a regular shower. However, taking into account the plenitude of benefits of steam showers, you might consider it worthwhile to invest in one rather than hitting the steam room of your gym daily. Now, that you have got one installed, […] More

  • Essential Elements to Include When Designing a Bathroom

    When you initially start planning your bathroom, you may be slightly daunted by the task. It’s one of the most practical rooms in the house, and there is a lot you need to get sorted. Before you start stressing out too much, remember, the bathroom you’re designing is for you. You do what’s right for […] More

  • 3 Mistakes People Make When Remodeling Their Bathroom

    Remodeling your bathroom is one of the biggest and most expensive home renovation projects you can undertake. As a matter of fact, the average bathroom remodeling project costs between $15,000 and $20,000 on average, so it’s important that this money is used wisely. However, many people end up making costly mistakes during the process that […] More

  • Updating is as Easy: Going Modern for a Fresh New Look

    Fresh, modern, sleek—they’re all compliments paid to new ideas in bathroom décor. But, such terms are in the eye of the beholder without specific examples. So, when the idea of updating stresses you out, you can make it easy by going modern for a fresh new look. Architecture Digest says, “Whether you’re making small upgrades […] More

  • Modern Bathroom

    5 Essential Features of a Modern Bathroom

    Whether you are renovating a house to add value, or you are looking to make improvements to enhance your home life, the bathroom is often one of the last rooms people spend money on. Homeowners would rather focus and spend their efforts renovating the kitchen, lounge or master bedroom, however, a luxury bathroom can create […] More

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