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GESSI took Milan Design Week 2023 to present new designs as well as the updates to their classic bathroom and kitchen pieces – find out more:

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With the new collections showcased during Milan Design Week 2023, GESSI‘s “haute culture” reaches the most private realm of existence. The brand made a statement by attending both the Fuorisalone and the Salone del Mobile at CASA GESSI MILANO, its Milanese showroom just a short distance from Via Montenapoleone and the “Quadrilatero della moda” and the fashion area.

Since its founding in 1992, GESSI has been able to produce what were previously regarded as purely functional pieces of furniture to the greatest standards of design, craftsmanship, and aesthetic excellence. The identification of constantly fresh ideas, which is ingrained in the DNA of the Piedmonts’ company, which is now a global symbol of Made in Italy, has sparked the entire industry and encouraged it to once again surpass itself by presenting daring and unexpected lines. GESSI has defined its approach to design and manufacture with a neologism of philosophical-holistic matrix: “haute culture“. This leading role in the evolutions of design-furniture and as a stimulus to a client who is increasingly attentive to the well-being of his or her surrounds has led to these developments. According to GESSI, “haute culture” is an expression of the most extreme experimentation with materials, forms, and techniques. This is made possible by the development of the creativity of individuals who design and forge its lines on a daily basis, infusing them with passion and top-notch manual abilities. It also honours people who choose to participate in the creative process as clients, influencing the final product through a dialogue of ideas, feelings, and wishes that has been the legacy of haute couture up to this point.

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Gessi was created in 1992 as a result of Umberto Gessi and his son Gian Luca’s insight. Today, it is a reality that is acknowledged on a global scale, a component of Altagamma, and a symbol of Made in Italy that blends innovation, technology, and craftsmanship without neglecting responsibility for the environment. Gessi is headquartered in Parco Gessi, an oasis of 800,000 square meters expanding with new LEED® certified production buildings. Gessi has strong ties to the region where it was founded, the Valsesia. Gessi employs more than 800 people and conducts business in more than 80 nations. It has 12 commercial branches spread across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, as well as Case Gessi locations in Milan, London, Dubai, Singapore, Riyadh, and soon New York, where you can directly experience what The Private Wellness Company stands for using all five senses. Net revenues of €152 million in 2021, up +37% from 2020, which illustrate the entrepreneurial economic responsibility for workers and the region, serve as evidence of the success on a global scale.

Gessi Jacqueline launched during Milano Design Week

With the new collections showcased during Milan Design Week 2023, GESSI’s “haute culture” reaches the most private realm of existence. With a double presence at the Salone del Mobile and the Fuorisalone at CASA GESSI MILANO, its Milanese showroom at a short distance from Via Montenapoleone and the Fashion Quad, the company has taken the lead. GESSI’s participation in the Salone del Mobile is a complete first for a company that manufactures bathroom furnishings. It comes from the urge to express what Maison is by constructing a story that fundamentally transforms living and adds value to it. The setup at the show was specifically intended to replicate the ambiance typical of a waiting room of a haute couture atelier, surrounded by the beauty and attention provided to very unique customers, in order to prepare the field for the narrative of haute culture. The company’s basic principle of welcoming guests, to whom more than half of the space is devoted, has also been improved upon in order to clean up from the outside elements. The decor was distinguished by remarkable elegance, an elegant burst of color, and considerable research in the blending of fine textiles and materials that contrast opacity with the strong reflection of metal curtains. It will be similar to walking into a large boutique and learning the history of GESSI as well as what the Private Wellness Company hopes to achieve in the future.

gessi at salone del mobile
Gessi stand at Salone del Mobile – photo courtesy of the brand


GESSI, which is constantly paying attention to the cues that nature gives us, is proud to present two new collections that, through their shapes and materials, celebrate the natural world and exalt the highest standards of design in both aesthetic research and metalworking, the company’s primary business. These collections are the product of the company’s master craftswomen and artisans. Collections that best exemplify the qualities of made in Italy that GESSI stands for: superior materials, careful attention to detail, sophisticated style, innovation, imaginative problem-solving, and durability.


Jacqueline Collection by GESSI

In a timeless concept that elevates GESSI’s know-how applied to the furniture/design sector to the highest levels, the new JACQUELINE collection, a perfect synthesis of the Private Wellness Company’s distinctive and personalized approach, enhances the approach to tailoring and encapsulates the essence of style and lifestyle. JACQUELINE transforms into the component that provides the happiness that only high-fashion creations can provide because they are made around the wearer, just like the legendary goods that have become a reflection of a brand or a personality they are inspired by. As distinctive and special as a piece of haute couture jewellery, JACQUELINE is a collection of jewels. Thanks to the decision to use bamboo, a natural material that has never before been used in bathroom furniture, it is startling, precious, and infused with individuality while remaining comfortable and organic.

To create mixers and other furnishings that transform the bathroom and wellness area into a haven of harmony and well-being, the hollow bamboo roots are individually chosen based on their diameter and the pitch between their knots. Each piece in the JACQUELINE collection is individually handcrafted and showcases the expertise that GESSI has accumulated over the course of thirty years of operation. The craftsmanship is so inventive and specialized that it qualifies as a genuine GESSI patent invention. GESSI is unmatched in the industry for consistently pushing the boundaries. By doing this, the business also helps to preserve a portion of that widely acknowledged Italian cultural heritage. preserving heritage while keeping an eye on the future. In order to preserve this culture, which is otherwise in risk of vanishing, and advance it, Haute Culture Gessi focuses on recovering, recreating, and experimenting with all the skills and craftsmanship typical of the Italian way of life.

PERLE Collection

The new PERLE line perfectly captures the attributes and meanings of jewellery, which is the ultimate symbol of refinement and elegance. The sphere that punctuates each piece of the collection is a symbol of purity and the result of extensive research, just like the pearl, which is the most exquisite and uncommon shape in nature. The same research has driven Gessi to investigate the greatest Made in Italy materials to enhance them in its creations, with the purpose of increasingly personalizing and customizing the most crucial component of the most intimate living environment, over the course of more than two years of studies. This new collection was inspired by worn-in jewel pearls, which are charming and soft and aim to bring the same tactile and aesthetic pleasure to an ergonomic and functional use in daily life. And what better shape to highlight these fine materials than the impeccable shape of the pearl.

The company’s in-house designers have been challenged by the Haute Culture GESSI philosophy to confront architecture, art, fashion, and craftsmanship in this exercise of extreme experimentation, translating Italian know-how into a new cultural approach that transmits into the future the high skills that are otherwise in danger of being lost: from the timeless craftsmanship of Murano glass to the manual working of marble, from synthetic materials taken from bijoux and fashion accessories. 

Even at CASA GESSI MILANO, the layout conveyed the idea of customization so that customers may appreciate every aspect of the product without being constrained by imagination. The newly renovated rooms, which are located in one of Milan’s most prestigious locations and open to a secret garden, take on the characteristics of a real atelier to provide architects and designers with a unique, first-ever experience that allows them to unleash imagination and creativity to experiment and create new interiors with products that put the person at the centre.

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