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Concrete Elegance: Discover Pulkra’s Dome Collection

Showcasing the raw beauty and functional excellence of concrete.

Pulkra Dome Collection
Photography Manuel Gatto

Pulkra, a design brand known for celebrating the materiality of concrete, introduces the stunning new DOME collection, crafted by the visionary duo Pio & Tito Toso. This collection showcases freestanding bathtubs, sophisticated shower trays, and elegant washbasins, all becoming focal points in their environments.


Pulkra’s creations are made from Acron, a CFRC composite cement that revolutionizes design with its structural lightness and unparalleled durability. This innovative material merges artisanal tradition with cutting-edge technology, resulting in a line of water-focused furniture accessories that are true works of art.

Pulkra Dome Collection
Photography Manuel Gatto

Dome Sink

The Dome washbasin, designed by Pio and Tito Toso, boldly reinterprets the mundane. Combining a rectangular base with a circular basin, this design harmonizes form and function with fluid elegance. Made from ACRON cement and crafted using Pulkra molds, the sink features an exquisitely smooth surface, making it both practical and a delight to touch. This design exemplifies the balance of aesthetics and functionality, transforming daily use into a sensory experience.

Dome Shower Tray

The Dome shower trays reflect the elegance of minimalist design, highlighting the strength and versatility of concrete. Constructed from Pulkra’s CFRC ACRON blend, these trays offer exceptional durability and a robust presence in the shower space. Their clean, simple shapes integrate seamlessly into any bathroom setting, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication. The Dome shower trays elevate everyday routines with their blend of form and material, embodying the intrinsic beauty of concrete.

Dome Bathtub

Inspired by the ancient heritage of concrete, the Dome bathtub by Pio and Tito Toso transforms this timeless material into a modern design masterpiece. Available in both rectangular and square variants, the bathtub features clean lines that highlight concrete’s unique characteristics. This innovative design redefines the bathroom as a sanctuary of well-being, inviting users to immerse themselves in the brutalist aesthetic. The Dome bathtub honors Pulkra’s ethos of authenticity, blending shapes and proportions into a scenic and harmonious experience.

Dome Pouf

The Dome poufs bring distinctive elegance and unique character to any space. Featuring a square concrete structure with a hollow interior, the poufs house a cushion made from specialized outdoor rubber, upholstered with Sunbrella® fabric. This combination creates a fluid and comfortable seating experience, enhancing the harmony between the cushion and the concrete structure. The Dome pouf’s futuristic design adds a daring aesthetic to any setting, embodying timeless modernity and innovative comfort.

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