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  • Boutique Paola Bocciarelli by Architettura Matassoni

    Project: Boutique Paola Bocciarelli Designed by Architettura Matassoni Location: Montevarchi (Arezzo), Italy Website: Architects at Matassoni studio share with us their impressive work on Boutique Paola Bocciarelli in Montevarchi, the contemporary shaped interior gives a unique sentiment of dynamic movement to the space. Discover more of their design after the jump: More

  • Case Economiche by Architettura Matassoni

    Project: Case Economiche Designed by Architettura Matassoni Head Designer: Alessandro Matassoni Location: Montevarchi, Arezzo, Italy Website: Case Economiche building project in Italian town of Montevarchi is work of Architettura Matassoni. Discover more after the jump: More