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  • Kalvebod Waves by JDS Architects and KLAR

    The 30th of August, was the official opening of Kalvebod Waves harbor front project in Copenhagen, collectively designed by KLAR and JDS Architects with the support of Sloth Møller and Niras Engineers. For more information continue after the jump: More

  • Bratislava Culenova New City Center by JDS Architects

    Project: Bratislava Culenova New City Center Designed by JDS Architects Project Leader: Heechan Park Project Team: Francisco Villeda, Isabella Eriksson, Nicholas Muraglia, Claudius Lange, Wouter Dons, Kristoffer Harling, Edna Lueddecke, Kamilla Heskje, Marie Mervaillie, Virginia Fuster Partners in Charge: Julien De Smedt, Andrew Griffin Team: JDS, AKT, TRANSSOLAR Client: PENTA Investment Size: 150.000 m2 Location: Bratislava, Slovakia Website: JDS Architects take a chance in the ongoing competition for the design of Culenova New City Center in Bratislava, Slovakia. JDS' plan […] More

  • Keizer Karel Building by JDS Architects

    Project: Keizer Karel Building Designed by JDS Architects Project Leader: Laure Vandenbroucke JDS Architects Partner in Charge: Julien De Smedt Client: Alides NV Size: 10 000 m2 Location: Ghent, Belgium Website: The hard working JDS Architects practice, made not only one proposal for Keizer Karel Building, located in Ghent, Belgium but two, and both are simply incredible. For more continue after the jump: More

  • Isbjerget Housing Project by seARCH, CEBRA, JDS, Louis Paillard

    Project: Isbjerget Housing Project Designed by seARCH, CEBRA, JDS Architects, Louis Paillard Client: PensionDanmark Size:Size: 25 000 m2 Location: Aarhus, Denmark Website:,, & The massive Isbjerget Housing Project is almost completed, Iceberg design is work of seARCH, CEBRA, JDS, and Louis Paillard studio. More

  • Beijing Green Visitor Center by JDS Architects

    Project: Beijing Green Visitor Center  Designed by JDS Architects Project Leader: Charlotte Lieske  JDS Partner in Charge: Julien de Smedt, Andrew Griffin  Design Team: Cristina Marigo, Iria Carreira, Amanda Ripoll, Mathilde Claus, Byeongmoo Moon   Team: JDS, Transsolar, MUDI  Client: Vanke Size: 5000 m2  Location: Beijing, China  Website: Project for Beijing Green Visitor Center coming from the drawing board of JDS Architects. More

  • GWELL by JDS Architects

    Project: GWELL Designed by JDS Architects Collaborators: Junglim Architects Project Leader: Heechan Park Project Team: Byeongmoo Moo, Francisco Villeda, Amanda Ripoll, Chris Zhongtian Yuan, Marvin Philipp, Mathilde Claus  Client: Shinyoung  Area: 38 000 m2  Location: Seoul, South Korea Website: JDS Architects work on the design of GWELL project in cooperation with Junglim architecture studio, designed for a location in Seoul combining both office and hotel space. The […] More

  • Hangzhou Waves by JDS

    Project: Hangzhou Waves Designed by JDS Architects Team: JDS, MUDI, China CUC JDS Partner in Charge: Julien De Smedt Project Leader: Junhee Jung, Charlotte Lieske Project Team: Andrew Griffin, Henning Stüben, Francisco Villeda, Gladys Greyl  Client: Xin Tian Di  Size: 120 000 m2  Location: Hangzhou, China  Website: JDS Architects designs Hangzhou Waves hotel and office building with a carefully planed playful facade and mass […] More

  • The Chongming Bicycle Park by JDS

    Project: The Chongming Bicycle Park Designed by JDS Architects, Tongi University, MUDI Partner in Charge: Julien De Smedt  Project Leader: Francisco Villeda  Project Team: Cristina Marigo, David Dominguez  Location: Chongming, China  Size: 40 000 sqm Website: Renowned practice JDS Architects teams up with Tongi University and Mudi to design The Chongming Bicycle Park consisted of a Bike Museum, Visitors center and a multi-purpose hall. More

  • Euralille Youth Centre by JDS architects

    Project: Euralille Youth Centre Designed by JDS architects Team: JDS, EGIS, Agence Franck Boutté, Consultants, SL2EC Project Leader: Renaud Pereira JDS Partner in Charge: Julien de Smedt Project Team: Henning Stuben, Sandra Fleischmann, Heechan Park, David Dominguez Iriondo, Leonora Daly, Priscilla Girelli, Marion Julien, Edna Lueddecke, Francisco Villeda, Wouter Dons, Felix Luong Client: Saem Euralille Size: 6.980 sqm Location: Lille, France Website: JDS Architects […] More

  • Hangzhou Gateway Tower by JDS Architects

    Project: Hangzhou Gateway Tower Designed by JDS Architects Location: Hangzhou, China Size: 23,619 sqm Website: A competition winning 15 floor project by JDS Architects located in Hangzou will revitalize an old industrial area and feature restaurants, offices, retail space and even a post office. Budget is set at 22 million euros and the project is […] More