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  • Coworking Table by ZA Architects

    ZA Architects share their new design for the Coworking Table.  The flexible piece of furniture can be locked up and easily packed away when workers leave the office. More

  • LightBean by Katerina Kopytina

    This subtle yet colorful design introduces a new way to use wood as material in light design, project is named LightBean. It comes from the drawing board Katerina Kopytina. More

  • IT Park by ZA Architects

    Project: IT Park Designed by ZA Architects Design Team: Dmitry Zhuikov, Arina Agieieva, Yuri Bendasov, Eugene Chernopissky  Technical Architects: Arcstone Client: Voomy Program Area: 13 000 m2 Location: Kharkov, Ukraine Website: ZA Architects impressively showcase their idea for the IT Park in Kharkov, Ukraine. Main challenge for the ZA Architects was to provide the adequate environment for prosperous IT business incubator. Find more images and architects' description […] More

  • Heart of the District by ZA Architects

    Project: Heart of the District Designed by ZA Architects Architects: Arina Agieieva, Dmitry Zhuikov Client: Tablet Hotels Location: New York City, New York, USA Website: ZA Architects have designed a competition entry for a hotel located in New York City that occupies the space above a street and hangs between two existing buildings. With it's unique form this proposal has won […] More

  • Chameleon Restaurant by Za Architects

    Project: Chameleon Restaurant Designed by Za Architects Project Team: Arina Agieieva, Dmitry Zhuikov  Client: Marriott Hotell Renders: Eugen Chernopissky, Arina Agieieva Location: Worldwide  Website: The 400 square meter Chameleon Restaurant idea design is work of ZA Architects. See more of their solution after the jump: More

  • Revitalization of the Chernobyl Zone by ZA Architects

    Project: Revitalization of the Chernobyl Zone and Development of the Tourist Infrastructure Designed by ZA Architects Architect: Ageeva Arina Consultants: Konstantin Bondarenko, Dmitry Zhuikov Location: Chernobyl zone, Ukraine Area: 2252 sqkm Website: ZA Architects create an interesting project for the Revitalization of the Chernobyl Zone and Development of the Tourist Infrastructure, project covers the massive area of 2252 square kilometers. For more […] More