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Brazilian Taste by AIM

Brazilian Taste by AIM

Take a look at this carefully decorated apartment with a brazilian taste, designed in 2015 by AIM. The apartment is located in Milan, Italy and offers an elegant, fresh and flexible space. More pictures after the jump.

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The project is born from the prime necessity to convert the property from an office to a residential building. The owner asked moreover to think about an elegant, fresh, flexible space, which could communicate with the numerous plants: their major passion. The whole layout has been then redesigned according to the new needs. That’s how Brazilian Taste is born, an apartment which is characterized by many areas and “microcosms” (living/kitchen/studio/dinner), but all of them are in continuous relation and dialog with each other. The apartment is developed around an iconic element, “concrete box”, a volume which is closed on three sides and which hosts the living room. This is the core of the flat and the focal point for the flow branching to all the other rooms. Considering the natural conformation of the building, This element allows to obtain the best from natural illumination, giving an ambient which is perfect for plants life. Therefore, we got rid of the classic concept of corridor as a separator between the living area and the bedrooms. In fact, from the entrance you already get the awareness of the entire space, thanks to the alternation of volumes, full and empty spaces, compressions and decompressions, sometimes really amazing, that give value to the architectonic structure of the flat. This alternation is emphasized in the “concrete box” and in the finishes chosen for its realization. The external walls are indeed realized in rough cement, underlining the scenic and architectonic presence and its lead role within the space. The interior, instead, is made in white resin. It looks like it cancels the volume of the solid, turning into a heavenly ambient and it focuses the attention on the furniture elements which compose it. Finally, the fixed furniture has been imagined and projected as an integrating part of the architecture, completely tailor-made according to the subdivision and interpretation of the apartment. Hence, besides the usual spaces dedicated to containments, the wardrobe reveals unexpected areas, as the direct access from the double bedroom to the bathroom.

Photography by Nicolò Parsenziani

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