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  • Soto Dental Clinic by Vitale

    Dental Clinic Design Project for SOTO by VITALE

    Vitale recently completed works on the Soto dental clinic renovation project. The project expands the functional requirements, improves communication between different areas of the practice and improves the patient’s experience, making them worry less about the invisible braces cost and more about how great they’ll feel after the appointment. Take a look at the complete […] More

  • Lavish Showroom In Spain Designed by Estudio Vitale

    Estudio Vitale creatives share with us their impressive new design shaped for the fashion showroom of Coccole Look in Spain. Located in the commercial heart of the city of Castellon, Coccole is a boutique fashion and accessories for women. The business idea was to create a cozy, feminine and natural showroom. A place to enjoy a relaxed […] More

  • Hairdresser Retail by Estudio Vitale

    A space breathing feminine and seductive atmosphere, generating a positive attitude, confidence and tranquility in a natural and comfortable climate is certainly a modern hair salon. This is the starting point for the design of the brand and the interior of a business oriented aesthetic care and hair treatment which was conducted by the Estudio […] More

  • Tool Tattoo by Estudio Vitale

    Estudio Vitale creatives share with us their splendid and not so usual design for the tattoo studio named Tool Tattoo. Tattoo studio is located in Valencia, Spain and according to designers, design seeks to normalize the image of this kind of business where tattoo studio are perceived as a dark and saturated room. More