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Kale & Crave by Matteo Foresti

Matteo Foresti designed this stunning restaurant located in Roslagsgatan 2, Stockholm, Sweden, in 2018. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

In the center of Stockholm, behind a couple of large arches, an old space organized on four comparted floors was completely reimagined. Existing walls, floors and stairs were tear down to valorize the quality of the building characterized by thick walls and defined geometries. Sharp lines redraw all the horizontal and vertical connections defining new hierarchies:


The foyer

A generous foyer welcome the clients to the restaurant. This double height space is dominated by the stairs and its vault and connects the street to the counter, the upper floor, the kitchen and the lower floors.

The terrace

The upper floor accommodates some tables and overlooks the foyer. This room, throw a semicircular window, is facing the street and the nearby garden.

The middle floor

Half floor downstairs you find the lower part of the restaurant towards the property’s quiet courtyard. in this level is also placed the main kitchen.

The cellar

The lowest floor accommodates the bathrooms, staff room, refrigerators and technical rooms. A soft, uniform color combined with oak furniture and few other details in black is the background for the main focus: the colorful food presented in the restaurant.

Photography by João Morgado

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