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The Importance of Lighting and Ambiance in Hotel Rooms

A hotel room can be cozy, warm and inviting or it can be dingy and cold, all based on the lighting. For hotels that want to create the right ambiance for their guests, lighting is a central focus of that. New advances in LED lighting, specifically, make it possible to completely change the look and feel of a hotel room with just a change of the lights. Here is a closer looking at why lighting is a key factor in setting the stage for the right feel to a hotel room.

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Change the Color of a Room

Today’s lighting options, especially with the changes that have come to LED lighting technology, make it possible to add lighting in different shades, known in the lighting world as temperatures. Today, a hotel design team can choose a light color that will help guests feel comfortable and relaxed in the hotel room, whether that is a bright, white color for a clean, modern look or a cool, blue color for a calming, relaxing feel.

Highlight Focal Points

If the room has a main focal point, such as a trendy piece of artwork or a particularly beautiful bed set, lighting can highlight that and draw the guest’s attention to that part of the room. By having directional lighting in that particular area, it will become the first thing noticed when someone enters the space.

Improve Visibility in the Bathroom

In a hotel room, guests rely on the bathroom area when preparing for their day. They need bright, natural-colored light in order to put on makeup and do hair effectively. The right bathroom lighting can make a huge difference in overall guest experience. LED lighting that is similar in temperature to natural sunlight and that is properly spaced to evenly light the face in front of the mirror will be a major selling point to people considering a stay in your hotel.

Lighting and Ambiance

Make the Room Look Cleaner

Even in a spotless room, poor lighting can give the sense of dirtiness that hides how clean the room is. On the other hand, the right lighting can give your hotel rooms a cleaner look. LED lighting has a crispness to it not found in other lighting options, and that can make the room feel cleaner when someone first walks in the door.

Create an Opportunity to Embrace Green Living

While not specific to the ambiance of a hotel room, upgrading lighting in a hotel room gives the hotel an opportunity to “go green,” which can be a draw to guests who are conscious about the environment. Eco-friendly features will lure many travelers who want to spend their money in a responsible way. LED lighting can maintain the right ambiance in a hotel room while also lowering energy use and energy costs, which is beneficial for everyone.

Lighting is not something to take lightly when planning the design of a hotel room. It can make or break the ambiance of the space, which, in turn, will make a difference in the guest experience. To elevate the guest experience, invest in proper lighting.

Images – Hotel Domizil in Tübingen by DIA – Dittel Architekten

House NUR by Abdenur Arquitectos

Kale & Crave by Matteo Foresti