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  • Faliron Bay Park in Athens by Iro Raptaki & Nikolas Plastiras

    Project: Faliron Bay Park in Athens Designed by Iro Raptaki (studioPe) & Nikolas Plastiras (NoScale) Location: Athens, Greece Website: & Iro Raptaki & Nikolas Plastiras share with us their project for the Faliron Bay Park located at Athens seafront. For more images as well as the architect's words about the design continue after the jump: More

  • Room for London by Nikolas Plastiras and Iro Raptaki

    Project: Room for London Designed by Nikolas Plastiras (NoScale) & Iro Raptaki (StudioPE)  Location: London, United Kingdom Website: Room For London project design by Nikolas Plastiras and Iro Raptaki gives you a sublime 360°, learn more about their design after the jump: More