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  • Hasharon House by Sharon Neuman Architects

    Project: Hasharon House Designed by Sharon Neuman Architects Location: Israel Website: Sharon Neuman Architects shape the splendid design of a family home in Israel, see more of Hasharon House after the jump: More

  • ‘Garden Ribbons’ by ShaGa Studio

    Project: 'Garden Ribbons' – A New City-hall & Culture Hub Designed by ShaGa Studio Collaborators: Shyovits Architects: Moti Shyovitz, Ran Goldman Visualization: Design Team & Moka Studio  Location: Netanya, Israel  Website: ShaGa Studio in collaboration with Shyovits Architects and Ran Goldman creates their proposal for the new municipality building of Israeli city of Netanya. More

  • Netanya City Hall by Yaniv Pardo Architects

    Project: Netanya City Hall Designed by Yaniv Pardo Architects Location: Netanya, Israel Website: Netanya City Hall designed by Yaniv Pardo Architects created by the rules of green architecture creating a low environmental impact. More

  • Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem

    Project: Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem Designed by Bracha Chyutin, Michael Chyutin, Jacques Dahan, Ariel Noyman  Client: The Simon Wiesenthal Center  Site Area: 8700 m2 Building Area: 15000 m2 Building Scale: Stories above Ground 3, Stories below Ground 2 Max Height: 20 m Landscape Area: 5000 m2 Location:  Jerusalem, Israel  Website: & Museum of tolerance project designed by Bracha Chyutin, Michael Chyutin, Jacques Dahan and Ariel […] More

  • Haifa House by Pitsou Kedem Architects

    Project: Haifa House Designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects Location: Haifa, Israel  Website: Designed for a neighborhood known for dominant Bauhaus style in its architecture architects at Pitsou Kedem design a private residence with a contemporary connection to the renowned style. For more images and architects description continue after the jump: More

  • House in Hefer Valley by Adi Wainberg

    Project: House in Hefer Valley Designed by Adi Wainberg from Arbejazz Architects Location: Hefer Valley, Israel Photo by Aviad Bar-Ness Website: A contemporary taken family House in Hefer Valley designed by Adi Wainberg from Arbejazz Architects beautifully photographed by Aviad Bar-Ness. More

  • Ramat Gan House 2 by Pitsou Kedem Architects

    Project: Ramat Gan House 2 Designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects Location: Ramat Gan, Haifa, Israel Website: Photography: Amit Geron Photography Pitsou Kedem Architects' second house in the town of Ramat Gan comes with an open floor living area and a unique placement of the outdoors water surface. View more of the project after the jump: More

  • “House in Savion” by Alex Meitlis

    Project: "House in Savion" Designed by Alex Meitlis Enclosed space: 420 sqm Site Area: 2 100 sqm Location: Savion, Israel Photographer: Yael Pincus Fauna is the integral part of the remarkable House in Savion design created by architect Alex Meitlis. In a subtle way boarders between outdoors and indoors are blurred creating this radiant home. More

  • Porter School of Environmental Studies by Axelrod Grobman Architects

    Project: Porter School of Environmental Studies Designed by Axelrod Grobman Architects in Collaboration with N.C. Architects and Geotectura Principal: Yasha Grobman, Irit Axelrod Design Team: Yasha Grobman, Irit Axelrod, Mushit Fidelman, Orit Zabari Elmalih, Neta Karp Structural Engineer: Avivi Axelrod ltd Landscape: Braudo-Maoz ltd (project) , Vista (competition) Scope: 2500 sqm Location: Tel Aviv, Israel Website: Axelrod Grobman Architects in Collaboration with N.C. Architects and […] More

  • Service and Cultural Centre by Yaniv Pardo Architects

    Project: Service and Cultural Center Designed by Yaniv Pardo Architects Location: Holon, Israel Client: Holon Municipality Size: 50,000sqm Website: A massive project set to rise in Israel's Holon Municipality while the focal point of the design are Service and Cultural Centre, Yaniv Pardo Architects will also design housing and the Commercial Spaces around the city square. More

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