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Pino Familia by Moon Hoon


Korean architect Moon Hoon has designed a museum complex in Seoul, housing a collection of pinocchio related artifacts. The museum is situated on an irregularly shaped piece of land, and comprises three buildings, each with their own program and distinct identity.

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The architect positioned the three buildings towards the edges of the plot, oriented around a central park complete with a large pinocchio statue. The museum also includes underground parking space. The first structure, which functions primarily as a museum for the wooden dolls, encompasses a small courtyard intended to host impromptu outdoor performances. The building is named “Wave and Whale” in reference to a particular pinocchio story that involves a large storm.
The second Structure places an emphasis on interactive programing, hosting movies, concerts and other larger events. It is named ‘Whale Tale’ and houses a collection of large character dolls with accompanying tables and seats. The whale’s “head” contains a curved and high-ceilinged auditorium for shows and performances for both children and adults.
Tthe third building called “The Nose Fountain”, accommodates the museum shop, a cafeteria and a small workshop. An extruded steel nose provides background audio, while the shape of the windows spells out simple words in morse code. The balcony can open on both sides, providing a visual link with the adjacent forest. meanwhile, an elevated café provides pleasant views across the site.

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