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Waste Side Story Pavilion by Cloud-floor

Cloud-floor designed the “Waste Side Story” pavilion as a landmark for the 2018 Bangkok Design Week. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: In the era where the environmental concern is one of the major issues that dominate the mind of the society, a debate began to rise in a creative industry; whether designers can offer a new outlook to such a significant global issue?
As a landmark for the 2018 Bangkok Design Week, the ‘Waste Side Story’ Pavilion invites the questioning of the conventional design and construction method where materials are consumed and wasted and proposes an alternative approach which involves a consideration of recycled material and an exploration of the material life beyond the building.


The six-meter-high pavilion comprises of, specifically designed, recycled plastic bricks and light nylon screens. Each architectural components are being thought in terms of products design: the scale and proportion of each element derived from the products they are intended as after the event. The structure devises a modular construction technique where the elements are arranged into a repetitive pattern, creating rhythms within the structure.

Following the design week, the bricks and screens will be dismantled into over 2500 chairs and 1500 tote bags. Although intended for a short-term existence, the pavilion goes beyond its function of a temporal architecture. The structure will celebrate the creative, innovative and social value of design. It will stand as an example of a pavilion that can stimulate conversations, innovate ideas, and simply inspire.

Photography by Ketsiree Wongwan

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