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  • OneOcean Port Vell by SCOB

    OneOcean, the old port of Barcelona, has become the most secure luxury marina in the world. It’s a work of fledgling Barcelona-based studio SCOB, who won the commission in an invitation-only competition. The plan encompasses architecture and the design of outdoor furniture, signage and the tidying up of the old quays and docks. The port […] More

  • BBVH Architects Transform a Belgian Barge into Amsterdam Houseboat

        Dutch firm BBVH Architects has transformed a Belgian Barge into a Houseboat located in Amsterdam. Artist Laura and restaurant owner John needed a bigger living space due to their family expansion. A  40 meters long Belgian Spitz Barge caught the eye of the young family, the boat had just retired from its long […] More

  • Zaha Hadid designs Superyacht for Blohm+Voss

    Zaha Hadid and her team of architects and designers, will work in collaboration with Hamburg based shipbuilders Blohm + Voss to design the impressive Superyacht. More

  • 5+design on the High Seas as Celebrity Reflection

    Project: Celebrity Reflection Designed by 5+Design Website: 5+design studio creatives share with us their impressive work on the High Seas as Celebrity Reflection luxury ship. More

  • The Discovery of Slowness by Daniel Reist

    Project: The Discovery of Slowness Designed by Daniel Reist Helpers: Quiddale O’Sullivan, Valcu Horatio, Tom Milly, Ming Yin, Marie Drescher, Stefan Ritzer, Simon Aglas, Jakob Wilhelmstätter, Stephan Sobl, Pavel Zeldovich, Michael Vasku, Kourosh Asgar Irani, Maya Pindeus Theoretical Support: Reiner Zettel, Andrea Börner Website: The impressive Discovery of Slowness project is work of Daniel Reist. For more images as well […] More

  • “Three Spirits” Hotels by Filip Kurzewski

    Project: "Three Spirits" Hotels Designed by Filip Kurzewski Website: The futuristic concept of Three Spirits Hotel comes from designer Filip Kurzewski, discover more of his showstopping idea after the jump: More