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  • How Modern Yacht Design Has Evolved Over the Years

    From The First Superyacht To Modern Yacht Design: A Look At How Luxury Vessels Have Changed Over the Years

    Modern yacht design has evolved tremendously since the world’s first ‘superyacht’, Cleopatra’s Barge, emerged from Retire Becket’s shipyard in Salem, Massachusetts, to gasps of admiration from the awe-struck crowds that had gathered on the docks. The 25m, 192t brigantine had been built at the cost of $50,000 for a wealthy merchant named Captain George Crowninshield […] More

  • OneOcean Port Vell by SCOB

    OneOcean, the old port of Barcelona, has become the most secure luxury marina in the world. It’s a work of fledgling Barcelona-based studio SCOB, who won the commission in an invitation-only competition. The plan encompasses architecture and the design of outdoor furniture, signage and the tidying up of the old quays and docks. The port […] More

  • BBVH Architects Transform a Belgian Barge into Amsterdam Houseboat

        Dutch firm BBVH Architects has transformed a Belgian Barge into a Houseboat located in Amsterdam. Artist Laura and restaurant owner John needed a bigger living space due to their family expansion. A  40 meters long Belgian Spitz Barge caught the eye of the young family, the boat had just retired from its long […] More

  • Zaha Hadid designs Superyacht for Blohm+Voss

    Zaha Hadid and her team of architects and designers, will work in collaboration with Hamburg based shipbuilders Blohm + Voss to design the impressive Superyacht. More

  • 5+design on the High Seas as Celebrity Reflection

    Project: Celebrity Reflection Designed by 5+Design Website: 5+design studio creatives share with us their impressive work on the High Seas as Celebrity Reflection luxury ship. More

  • The Discovery of Slowness by Daniel Reist

    Project: The Discovery of Slowness Designed by Daniel Reist Helpers: Quiddale O’Sullivan, Valcu Horatio, Tom Milly, Ming Yin, Marie Drescher, Stefan Ritzer, Simon Aglas, Jakob Wilhelmstätter, Stephan Sobl, Pavel Zeldovich, Michael Vasku, Kourosh Asgar Irani, Maya Pindeus Theoretical Support: Reiner Zettel, Andrea Börner Website: The impressive Discovery of Slowness project is work of Daniel Reist. For more images as well […] More

  • “Three Spirits” Hotels by Filip Kurzewski

    Project: "Three Spirits" Hotels Designed by Filip Kurzewski Website: The futuristic concept of Three Spirits Hotel comes from designer Filip Kurzewski, discover more of his showstopping idea after the jump: More