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  • ATELIER BRÜCKNER Presents ‘Journey of the Pioneers’ Exhibition in Dubai

      ATELIER BRÜCKNER proudly presents “Journey of the Pioneers,” an immersive exhibition spanning three floors and 3,000 square meters at The Museum of the Future in Dubai. Partnering with renowned architect Killa Design, the museum stands as an architectural marvel, captivating visitors with its futuristic allure. The exhibition invites guests on a captivating journey through […] More

  • Dubai Creek Harbour by Emaar Properties & Dubai Holdings

    Emaar Properties & Dubai Holdings partners up to erect the world tallest twin towers. Plans of developing a 6 million-square-meter waterfront is also underway. “Planned on an open site, Dubai Creek Harbour will combine the city with the natural contours of the creek,” said a statement from Emaar. “With no legacy ties to infrastructure, this […] More