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  • Dinesen Showroom by Studio OEO

    The showroom of Danish furniture brand Dinesen occupies the space of a wast apartment, with its interior design shaped by Studio OEO. Wooden materials are the signature of Dinesen, and its heritage, the design studio dates back to five generations of craftsmanship. The showroom itself while adjusted to an apartment space, also showcases the materials, as well as […] More

  • Modern Living by Viktoria Yakusha

    This impressively designed modern living space is work of architect Viktoria Yakusha. This family home project was wrapped up only a few months ago, in the early Fall of 2015. The modern house is already a home for a five member family. FIND MORE HOUSES IN THE ARCHISCENE ARCHIVE The architect has done a splendid job preserving […] More

  • Prada Opens An Impressive Store in Sanya

    While expanding its presence PRADA knows the importance of design when it comes to their stores, the latest just opened in Sanya, China. Located at the renowned ‘Sanya Haitang Bay CDF International Shopping Mall’, in the Haitang Bay district, the new store is designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi. The space takes the scope of 420 square […] More

  • Combining Sustainability With Style: Can It Be Done?

    Sustainability is all about ensuring that buildings are as environmentally sound as possible. Builders, constructors and developers are obliged to comply with certain regulations, with the aim being to cut carbon emissions and protect the natural environment. People can feel that sustainability is about living a poorer version of their current lives, but this is […] More

  • The Loft Project by The Playing Circle

    The Loft project by The Playing Circle just wrapped up its second season, beautifully set apartments are surfacing as a new way to showcase design pieces. One of the similar stories was featured by us with The Line NYC Apartment only few weeks ago. The pop-up apartment concept emerges as a new set up to engage the […] More

  • Practical and Decorative DIY Ideas for your Bedrooms

    Your bedrooms shouldn’t just be another space in your home, after all you do spend a lot of time in there. Granted, most of this is when you’re asleep, but just imagine waking up to your own unique quarters each and every morning. Sounds great, right? In this post you’ll find some practical and decorative […] More

  • Northern Ontario Lodge by Prototype Design Lab

    Prototype Design Lab shares with us their latest design shaped for a lodge in Northern Ontario (in McKellar), the Manitou Lodge. The team shaped the design as a family retreat, for a family that loves to entertain, cook and eat. Since the family is to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, Prototype Design Lab creatives have made […] More

  • Ways to Maximise Space, Light and Style in Your Bedroom

    Have you ever felt like you’re not fully realising the potential of your bedroom? It’s fair to say for such an important room in our homes they can often be left cluttered, untidy or just a bit dull. Really they should be one of the biggest assets in our homes, but how can we make […] More

  • Moving Picture Company’s London Offices Reinvented by B3 Designers

    London offices for Moving Picture Company in Soho got a new look thanks to the talented creatives at the B3 Designers. The designers have created a cozy work-space making sure it is at the same time an inspiring, creative and welcoming environment for the employees of MPC. The interior even hosts a Banksy artwork, where […] More

  • Comfy 60 Square Meter Apartment in Gdańsk

    Finalized in 2014 the 60 square meter three room apartment in Gdansk is work of Monika Potorska, Andrzej Kondratowicz, and Anna Haśkiewicz. This modern yet comfortable living space is located in the polish city of Gdansk, the wonderful images are work of Tomirri Photography. The apartment was designed according to various tastes of a young family consisting […] More

  • Careland Pharmacy by Sergio Mannino Studio

    The head of Sergio Mannino Studio and his team take an often dreary task  of designing the interior space of a pharmacy with a new approach, proving the design of such space can be more than inspiring. The upbeat green colour becomes the signature of the new Careland Pharmacy in Brooklyn Heights, while the much needed […] More

  • Bear House in Thailand by ONION Architects

    Celebrating the contemporary design ONION Architects have created the Bear House, a stellar minimalist home in Cha-Am Beach, Thailand. Onion architects have honored the wishes of the client who wanted to renovate a three level house and incorporate a rich collection Be@rbrick figurines. FIND MORE HOUSES ON ARCHISCENE The residents have such a wast collection […] More

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