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  • The World’s Most Advanced Buildings

    Technology is constantly evolving and it is changing the way we are building. Both architects and project managers can make a more informed decision about how a building is structured and can take into account many factors, such as climate, materials and overall building use. Here, Oasys, specialists in structure design software, look at some […] More

  • Examining the Differences Between Civil Engineering and Architecture

    There are a variety of jobs that, on the surface, sound very similar to each other. Two such fields are architecture and civil engineering. However, while architecture focuses on the designing and creating of buildings, civil engineering is a much broader topic. However, there are other differences that help set this two fields apart. If […] More

  • 41 West 57th Street by Mark Foster Gage Architects

    Architect Mark Foster is the author of an unusual skyscraper project covered in Gothic sculptural elements. In response to the city’s skyscrapers characterized by minimalism and lack of any decorations, Mark Foster Gage has proposed a highly decorative residential building for West 57th Street as an alternative. “I think that many of the supertall buildings […] More

  • Dubai Creek Harbour by Emaar Properties & Dubai Holdings

    Emaar Properties & Dubai Holdings partners up to erect the world tallest twin towers. Plans of developing a 6 million-square-meter waterfront is also underway. “Planned on an open site, Dubai Creek Harbour will combine the city with the natural contours of the creek,” said a statement from Emaar. “With no legacy ties to infrastructure, this […] More

  • Hengqin International Financial Center by Aedas

    Architects at AEDAS prove the era of the skyscraper is not over yet with the presentation of their design for the Hengqin International Financial Center in the Chinese city of Zhuhai. The 334 meter high tower will not only house office space, but it will also accommodate lavish residential units placed in the main apartment tower. […] More