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  • Babayants Architects Reveal Aquavillas at Aquamarine Gagra

    The owner of the Aquamarine Gagra hotel recently expanded their property by purchasing a rectangular plot of land adjacent to the hotel’s north side, extending along the sea at the back. This acquisition led to a new project for architects, who were tasked with designing a complex of hotel-type apartments spanning 3 to 6 floors. The […] More

  • 8SUN: Bali’s Ultimate Romantic Retreat by MAKHNO Studio

    MAKHNO Studio, in collaboration with SAI Architects, proudly presents 8SUN, an exquisite retreat spot on the enchanting island of Bali, nestled along the warm Indian Ocean coast. This unique hotel  blends innovative interior design and captivating art, making it an ideal venue for weddings, honeymoons, and those seeking tranquility in one of the world’s most […] More

  • TAKA + PARTNERS Presents Outdoor Edge Living Project

    The Outdoor Edge Living Project by TAKA + PARTNERS architectural studio, graces the island of Ios in the Cyclades, a location whose name is either derived from the characteristic flowers of Ia or the Phoenician word “Ios,” meaning a pile of stones. Located within this historic and picturesque setting is Ios Grand Pool Suites, a luxurious […] More

  • Finding Inspiration in Solitude: Hytta Retreat in Nature

    Amidst the fast pace of modern life, finding moments of uninterrupted solitude and focus has become increasingly rare. Recognizing this need for a sanctuary where creativity can thrive, Dominik Ilichman and Adam Hofman have conceived Hytta—a minimalist cabin located in in the midst of the Czech countryside, offering the perfect environment for uninterrupted reflection and […] More

  • 10 Design Creates Record-Breaking Indoor Ski Center in Shenzhen

    10 Design, an international architecture firm, has unveiled its groundbreaking project: Huafa Snow World, set to be the largest indoor ski center globally. Nestled within the bustling tech hub of Qianhai Bay in Shenzhen, China, this 131-hectare entertainment destination promises to redefine leisure and commercial experiences. Scheduled for completion in 2025, the Huafa Snow Centre […] More

  • Sculpting Serenity: Atelier L’Abri’s Territoire Charlevoix

    Atelier L’Abri introduces Territoire Charlevoix, an exceptional concept of experiential camping located in the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Situated amidst the sprawling forests between La Malbaie and Baie-Saint-Paul, this remote retreat offers breathtaking panoramic vistas of Quebec’s majestic Charlevoix region and its sprawling landscapes. Inspired by the unique essence of Territoire, the designers crafted […] More

  • Aircraft Engine To Change The Airplanes and Save 20% of Fuel Consumption Comes in 2035

    Airplanes are in for a big change as the aviation industry is considering a fully new aircraft engine redesign. The redesign is consistent with aviation industries continuing quest for lower fuel consumption. The latest redesign was revealed last year for the first time by Olivier Andriès the CEO of Safran.  This new engine redesign by […] More

  • ARCHISCENE GUIDE: Interesting Buildings in Mayfair

    ARCHISCENE GUIDE: Interesting Buildings in Mayfair

      London as a whole is awash with amazing historic buildings and being so many, it would take you days to see even the best of them! Mayfair, once a unwanted, nameless, muddy fields that the River Tyburn swamps, situated to the West of what was then central London (Whitehall, Soho, Covent Garden and the […] More

  • Planning a Bus Tour of Brooklyn's Architectural Tradition

    Planning a Bus Tour of Brooklyn’s Architectural Tradition

    A visit to one of the liveliest cities in the world, New York, is incomplete without its journey of travelling to the iconic Brooklyn, which has now become an architectural sensation of its own. With different architectural styles that emphasizes on a particular aspect, it is astonishing to see that this cocktail of religion, style, […] More

  • The 8 Best Things to Do in Tuscany, Italy

    With plenty of beautiful attractions, there’s no shortage of thrilling activities you can do in Tuscany, Italy. It is studded with some of Italy‘s best-loved cities and attractions. Hence, a week of vacation would most probably be a short time to exhaust everything in any tourist bucket list. To make the most of your visit, […] More

  • How To Make Your Hotel More Attractive To Guests

    Owning a hotel is a major undertaking, but can be a very rewarding experience if you know what you’re doing. The most important person you should be worried about is your guest. You should care about impressing them and making sure they have a great time and stay. Worry about what’s in your power like […] More

  • By Word Of Mouth A Cozy Belgrade Bistro

    From Mouth To Mouth would be a literal translation of Od Usta Do Usta, a cozy Bistro in downtown Belgrade (Serbia). Perhaps the most suitable translation would be By Word Of Mouth, but the pleasant atmosphere and tasty food are what form the name of this little restaurant. The vintage furniture and friendly stuff give […] More