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Apartment in Vladivostok by ONI Architects

ONI Architects designed this stunning apartment located in the Russian city of Vladivostok. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

Vladivostok is greeted with the glow of a new day just when the night falls in the capital of Russia. In these small but comfortable apartments in the east of the country the sun will always be with you, because its reflection has found its place in the elements of the interior.
The apartments were designed for a young couple and became a place where their hopes and dreams are come true. The hinge of our concept is the character of the inhabitants of Vladivostok – it is reflected in the interior. Being between the two extremes, the city and its inhabitants absorbed the energy of the rising sun and the calm confidence and power of the ocean. It takes place in the use of the traditional eastern red and black gamma along with cool monumentality.
One of the main wishes of the customer was to recreate the feeling of freedom. This desire was realized through a planning solution, thanks to free inter-room communication. In combination with interior elements, this gave a sense of openness and spaciousness these apartments.

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