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Dip Dye Furniture by Karlsson & Bjork + Sundin/Persson

Dip Dye Furniture

Project: Dip Dye Furniture
Designed by Karlsson & Bjork + Sundin/Persson
Website: &
This interesting Dip Dye Furniture is made in a collaboration between two designer studios, Karlsson & Bjork and textile designers Sundin/Persson. Continue after the jump for more images:

Dip Dye FurnitureDip Dye FurnitureDip Dye FurnitureDip Dye Furniture

From the Designer:

It is a project about design without given hierarchies. Instead of the regular process where the furniture is designed and later fitted with a random fabric our idea was to let furniture bare the imprint of the fabric and vice versa.

The fabric is folded and squeezed between the legs which are hold together with zip ties. All of the components involved in the dying process are seen in the finished product including the marks from the zip ties. The result depends on the type of wood, fabric and color and every example made is unique.

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