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  • White Wolf Hotel by AND-RÉ

    AND-RÉ team has the pleasure to share with you the recently completed White Wolf Hotel. An holistic project, dedicated to the well-being of body and spirit, achieved through an engaging architecture to be felt and experienced. More

  • New National Centre of Contemporary Art of Moscow by AND-RÉ

    AND-RÉ practice creatuves share with us their proposal for the New National Centre of Contemporary Art of Moscow, Russia. The proposal presents a cutting-edge, democratic design driven concept, aiming for an engaging architecture not only as multi cultural hub, but also as a dynamic social centre. A building that does not superimpose itself to the […] More

  • Setubal Public Library by AND-RÉ

    AND-RÉ has shared with us their recent project for the Setubal Public Library, located in Setúbal, Portugal. For more images as well as the architects' description continue after the jump: More

  • Helsinki Central Library by AND-RÉ

    Project: Helsinki Central Library Designed by AND-RÉ Project Team: Bruno André, Francisco Salgado Ré, Adalgisa de Castro Lopes, Catarina Fernandes, Fernando Ferreira, Francisco Costa, Sara João Engineering and Sustainability: AFA CONSULT Area: 16 000 m2 Client: Serlachius Museum Location: Helsinki, Finland Website: Portugal based AND-RÉ architecture practice shapes this contemporary solution for the Helsinki Central Library competition design. More

  • BIOMED: Biomedical Research Center by AND-RÉ

    Project: BIOMED: Biomedical Research Center Designed by AND-RÉ Team Project: Adalgisa de Castro Lopes, Bruno André, Catarina Fernandes, Francisco Salgado Ré, Sara João, Sofia Mota Silva Engineering & Sustainability: AFA Consult Area: 9500m2 Location: Coimbra, Portugal Website: Sentiment of sculptural shapes the facade of Biomedical Research Center project designed for a location in Portuguese city of Coimbra by domestic AND-RÉ studio. More