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  • EP7 Restaurant by Stephane Malka Architecture

    Paris based Stephane Malka designs EP7 Restaurant as a meeting space accomodating cafe and a restaurant using an accretion of raw wood, primed for the organic growth of plant life, marvelously creating the cover for an urban space. For more continue after the jump: More

  • AME-LOT by Malka Architecture

    Project: AME-LOT City: Paris, France Client: Privé Area: 450m² Budget: 290 000€ Team: Alice Barrois Architecte, Tristan Spella Infographiste Delivery: Résidence Etudiante Designed by Malka Architecture Website: AME-LOT is a truly ecological project in its form and purpose, while creating it architects at Malka Architecture wanted the whole process to be nature friendly and to by-pass the problem of sustainable projects […] More