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Dieffebi Unveils Playful Lifestyle Collection by Elisa Ossino

Dieffebi’s latest collection blends elegance and functionality for modern living.

Photography Tiziano Sartorio

Dieffebi, known for its commitment to flexible, modular, and ergonomic design, has once again pushed the boundaries of what modern furniture can achieve. Working closely with designers, the company has developed innovative work systems that seamlessly blend into both professional and personal environments, emphasizing comfort and functionality.


In recent years, Dieffebi has been at the forefront of the home/office concept, a critical focus area driven by the rise of remote work and the ongoing pursuit of a balanced work-life dynamic. The company has refined its design language, integrating concepts of visual and acoustic comfort to align with evolving habits and needs. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Dieffebi’s solutions are not just practical but also contribute to a serene and productive atmosphere.

The appointment of Elisa Ossino as art director in 2022 marked a significant milestone in Dieffebi’s journey. Known for her design consistency, meticulous material research, and geometric precision, Ossino has infused Dieffebi’s manufacturing prowess with her distinctive style. Her work is characterized by lightness, elegance, and a sophisticated color palette, which has transformed Dieffebi’s offerings into dynamic, efficient, and customizable pieces.

Photography Tiziano Sartorio

The collaboration with Elisa Ossino has resulted in furniture that not only meets all ergonomic, technical, and functional requirements but also creates welcoming atmospheres. These pieces evoke empathy and warmth, shaping emotional scenarios through careful material selection, softer lines, refined finishes, and impactful colors. The emphasis on essential shapes and the ability to configure different arrangements based on size and space underscores a renewed focus on people, connections, and the well-being that well-designed spaces can create.

Dieffebi Lifestyle Collection

Developed in collaboration with Elisa Ossino, Dieffebi’s lifestyle collection interprets the transformation of office environments and shared spaces. These modular and versatile solutions express a new aesthetic concept rooted in lightness, elegance, and refined color palettes, perfect for both work and home settings.

Photography Tiziano Sartorio


Designed by Elisa Ossino, FRANNY is a minimalist desk featuring a painted light tubular metal frame. It can be customized with one or two drawers suspended on either side and fitted with an upholstered, sound-absorbing fabric panel available in rectangular, round, or square shapes that extend to the floor. This desk combines simplicity with functionality, making it an ideal addition to any modern workspace.

Photography Tiziano Sartorio


LINE is a modular bookcase and shelving system designed by Ossino. It comes in various sizes and configurations, perfect for storage and filing. LINE can be seamlessly integrated with desks, benches, and containers, creating space-saving solutions that organize and divide both office and home spaces efficiently.

Photography Tiziano Sartorio


The ZOEY collection is characterized by its rounded volumes and circular shapes. The table design features a striking contrast between the four painted metal cylinders of the base and the thin, round wooden top. The stool and bench within this collection boast a wooden frame supported by cylindrical bases covered in fabric. The backrest is a single cylindrical padded element attached to the seat at both ends, offering both comfort and style.

Dieffebi’s latest lifestyle collection, under the artistic direction of Elisa Ossino, epitomizes the evolution of modern office and living spaces. With a focus on modularity, versatility, and a refined aesthetic, this collection is set to redefine how we perceive and interact with our environments. Dieffebi continues to lead with innovation, ensuring that every piece not only serves a purpose but also enhances the overall well-being of its users.

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