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Porro’s Showcase at Milan Design Week

Porro’s Milan Design Week Presentation: A Celebration of Design Ingenuity

©Porro at Salone, Milan Design Week

Under a high-pitched roof in Hall 11 at the Salone del Mobile Milano, the new Porro space invites exploration with its airy interiors and versatile furniture. From calming Nordic-inspired designs to bold compositions with vibrant hues, visitors can experience a range of moods. Standout pieces like the System HT bookshelves and the Ventiquattro table by Piero Lissoni charm with their sleek lines and thoughtful details. 

©Porro at Salone, Milan Design Week

In the living area, the Left bench and Kite Sofa create a cozy atmosphere, while bespoke compositions like the Modern+Load-it offer tailored solutions for modern living. In the bedroom, the Byron bed exudes contemporary elegance, while the Storage Battente wardrobe combines classic craftsmanship with a sleek modern aesthetic.

©Porro at Salone

Outside, the patio features the tranquil Ryoba table and Voyage chairs, while Piero Lissoni’s Offshore high cupboard adds a touch of sophistication. Throughout the space, Porro’s timeless designs blend form and function seamlessly, creating inviting environments for contemporary living.

At Fuori Salone, Porro’s showroom on Via Visconti di Modrone 29 debuts its new look to the public. Transformed into a conceptual space by Piero Lissoni’s architectural vision, the showroom stands as a white, pure, and linear box, with its six windows serving as screens over the city. Within this space, Porro narrates its iconic simplicity of design through a comprehensive project showcasing everything from tables to wardrobes.

©Porro at Salone

As visitors traverse the light-flooded pathway marked by full-height volumes and moving partitions, Porro reveals its world. Here, the company’s systems, intricate yet flexible architectures, engage in dialogue with product collections signed by prominent designers. In the dining area, Piero Lissoni’s Materic Ovale table in its new bruno tinted ash finish steals attention with its deep brown and black nuances, while Christophe Pillet‘s Nid chairs add a touch of warmth and craftsmanship.

©Porro at FuoriSalone

The living area invites pleasant conversations around pieces like the Kite Sofa and Kite armchairs by GamFratesi, arranged around Piero Lissoni’s iconic Ferro low table. The System bookcase by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro undergoes a transformation, resulting in the visually lighter System HT compositions, featuring a checkerboard pattern with evocative effects of light and shadow. The Origata bench by Nao Tamura adds a pop art influence, merging design and craftsmanship.

©Porro at FuoriSalone

In the bedroom, the Iro bed by GamFratesi feels intimately cozy. , while Piero Lissoni’s Boutique Mast dressing room version adds sophistication. The Storage Battente wardrobe features transparent glass Iron doors, exposing the frame in light-coloured wood, ash white, combined with refined black elements. The tour concludes in the heart of Porro’s home – the wardrobe, showcasing the brand’s customisation capabilities.


  1. Oh wow, Porro’s setup at Milan Design Week was just amazing! 🤩 Maria Porro really knows her stuff, and it shows. Loved the System HT bookshelves and that sleek Ventiquattro table. Their designs always have that cool mix of modern yet comfy vibes which I totally dig. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of these pieces for my next projects. Maria and the Porro fam are absolutely killing it! 🙌

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