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  • Qwerty Sofa by Zo_Loft

    The quirky design for Qwerty Sofa coming from the Italy based studio of Zo_Loft. More

  • Arlo Sofa by Anthropologie

    Project: Arlo Sofa Designed by Refined Interiors for Anthropologie Website: The eye-catching Arlo Sofa designs coming from the Refined Interiors for Anthropologie studio. More

  • Cocoon by Micasa LAB

    Project: Cocoon  Designed by Micasa LAB Website: Micasa LAB shares with us the endearingly innovative design for the Cocoon bubble capsule, coming as furniture you can leave in, it redefines your personal space allowing you a moment to relax from your daily routine.  For some ideas to how you could use Micasa LAB's Cocoon, view more images […] More

  • Grid Sofa by Kim HyunJoo Studio

    Project: Grid Sofa Designed by Kim HyunJoo Studio Website: Talented creatives at Kim HyunJoo Studio shape the beautifully designed Grid Sofa, for more images continue after the jump:   More

  • Roulade Sofa by KiBiSi for Versus

    Project: Roulade Sofa Designed by KiBiSi for Versus Website: A Swiss Roll turns into a sofa becoming the Roulade Sofa designed by KiBiSi for Versus. Find more info and images after the jump: More

  • Iris Sofa by DIZAJNO

    Project: Iris Sofa Designed by DIZAJNO Designer: Lubo Majer Website: The colourful Iris Sofa is work of Lubo Majer shaped for DIZAJNO studio.   More

  • Mutation Series by Maarten De Ceulaer

    Project: Mutation Series Designed by Maarten De Ceulaer Website: Mutation series is work of designer Maarten De Ceulaer who decided to morph the everyday furniture pieces. More

  • Disfatto Collection by Denis Guidone

    Project: Disfatto Collection Designed by Denis Guidone for D3CO Website: The multi-functional Disfatto Collection is work of designer Denis Guidone created for D3CO. More

  • Is a fabric sofa right for you?

    If you’re looking to buy a new designer settee have you considered looking at a fabric one? People often worry that fabric is outdated, and isn’t a modern sofa choice. This is wrong and far from the truth. With so many available options of fabrics there will be without-a-doubt a design that fits well with […] More

  • New York Seats by Teo Jasmin

    Project: New York Seats Designed by Teo Jasmin Website: The classically designed sofa's and chairs get a New York interpretation in the hands of designer Teo Jasmin who uses the iconic landmarks of NYCs to complete these coveted backdrops.  For more continue after the jump: More

  • Dormeuse by Philipp Aduatz

    Project: Dormeuse Designed by Philipp Aduatz Website: Dormeuse is more than just a concept design view more images and the complete work in progress of this unique sofa by Philipp Aduatz after the jump: More

  • Canapé Ruché by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset

    Canapé Ruché Designed by  Inga Sempé Website: The coveted Canapé Ruché sofa's designed by Inga Sempé are made of quality wood covered with intricate thick quilted mattress. The collection is available via Ligne Roset with colour ranging from yellow, green, baby blue to dark gray. For more log on to our sister site More

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