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Porro’s art director and designer since 1987, Piero Lissoni guides us to the discovery of the new 2019 scenarios. A home where the walls disappear and the furnishings become architecture, surprising for the impeccable lines, the unusual mix of functions and materials and the new space reserved to color. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

On the first floor, the chromatic vitality of Porro woods warms the display route with the presence of the Wood Cover paneling system in mongoi: an equipped background onto which to hook the Gap bookcases by Carlo Tamborini in grigio piombo painted metal, with a frame acting as a bookmark and as a source of light at the same time.
At its feet, the small Lullaby lounge chair by Nicola Gallizia in carta da zucchero fabric, with its unusual configuration and inclination, evokes the comfort and the act of cradling. Its immediate and pleasant-sounding name is almost onomatopoeic: the “L” recalls the shape of the wooden ash legs, while “U” identifies the couch on the floor plan.


In the central living area, the new generation Boutique Mast system designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre is conjugated in the day version, with Iron painted metal uprights and reduced thickness Iron metal shelves, like a spacious bookcase.

Around the Modern Left low tables characterized by tops in black hemlock, one can sit comfortably on Kite Sofa couches and on Kite armchairs by GamFratesi with their black painted tubular steel frame and white linen or blue velvet fabric covering, with an evergreen look and a timeless charm.


The System bookshelf in Canaletto walnut by Piero Lissoni+ Porro Research Centre astonishes with its visual lightness despite its incredible length. Its modules are marked by the new carta da zucchero glossy lacquered Lift vertical sliding doors, the vitrines with transparent doors and shelves and the metallic bookend boxes.



In the dining room, which can also be used as an office, the purity of the Materic table by Piero Lissoni with its thin round top in the new Paonazzo marble and black stained solid ash tapered base are matched with the Frank chairs by Piero Lissoni inspired by French decoration, with their wraparound shell-shaped backs and seat covered in carta da zucchero fabric and elegant metal legs with a variable section.

In the background 2 new generation Modern compositions design Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre play on the alternation of solids and voids, injecting between two rosso antico painted metal shelves a musical score of containers in eucalyptus with avorio lacquered doors, embellished by interiors in multiple wooden essences, to be discovered with use.

Around the corner, the installation enters the realm of closets.
The not-to-be-missed angular Storage Dressing Room in mongoi unleashes its precious trunk effect exalted by its rich accessories, followed by the refined Storage Shoe Rack in mongoi with bent enlightened shelves, produced in a custom height to obtain the greatest display surface for one’s shoes in a few meters of width.
On the left, an architectural space in heat-treated oak created incorporating pilasters holds a Storage Pull-Out Sliding closet with grigio seta lacquered 32S doors with Boite Aux handles.

In the background, the Storage Boiserie in teak is a solution halfway between the minimalism of the walk-in closet and the protection of the closet, combining the view of the interiors with the warmth of paneling.


On the lower level, craftsmanship is not forgotten by the Offshore series of containers by Piero Lissoni with floating colors, evoking abstract painting and unleashing the vintage flavor of oriental furniture. Result of a careful manufacturing process with a 45° connection between side and top, these sideboards are distinguished by their doughy “Frassino Carminio” finish obtained through repeated manual steps thanks to which the grain, first darkened with black tones, surfaces in a fascinating dark red color. The opening mechanism is also unusual, thanks to an inset handle, an entirely metal-plated hole which rediscovers tactile sensations.


In the bedroom, the new Byron bed by Piero Lissoni has a solid cherry white veneer headboard that splits to create a base for the upholstered sommier and the 2 wide feather cushions, both covered in fabric. A visual delicacy, enhanced by the soft capitonné bench, for which the metal accessories like the decorative trays and the headborard’s frame provide a counterpoint, conveying an authenticity with an antique flavor.


Beyond a Groove bench by Piero Lissoni in black stained solid hemlock, the Hinged Storage closet shows Block glass doors, characterized by a metallic profile of refined simplicity with ecru fabric backs. Among its modules, a vanity niche for personal care is created through a Modern + Load-it composition with mirrored wall panels and a suspended top in black stained hemlock.

At the centre the Curry couch by Piero Lissoni in black stained solid oak enchants with its asymmetrical silhouette and relaxed buen retiro vibe, the precious craftsmanship of the Vienna straw black varnished back and armrests and the linen soft cushions. The scene is completed by a 3Table coffee table by the Front Swedish group with tops in different shapes and materials that turn around each other, and by the carpet belonging to the Enigmi collection by Elisa Ossino in collaboration with Kasthall.

On the wall, a classic piece like the Load-it bookcase by Wolfgang Tolk takes on a new life wearing black stained caneté wall panels, dematerializing the edges of each single module to create a single enchanting 3D surface.

A dining room with strong character places the Jeff table by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti on stage in its new version with an oval top in solid chestnut and blue pigmented shiny curvilinear bases and Voyage chairs by GamFratesi with maple structure and a fitted leather covering, with their natural look.


The journey concludes in the wardrobe which is entirely reserved for the Storage wardrobe and walk in closet in eucalyptus, with accessories that, in mixing various solutions and typologies – the enlightened shoe racks, the change in depth, the bigger angular modules – demonstrates the mastery reached by Porro in furnishing the space, in dosing the shapes, and in ensuring elegance and the utmost functionality in every project.

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