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VERSACE Home Collection Makeover Revealed at Salone Del Mobile

VERSACE Home collection gets a revamp featuring the brands new La Greca monogram pattern reshaping their classic furniture pieces and a set of new ones:

versdace home la greca
La Greca Collection for VERSACE Home Photo ©Versace

Milan Design Week is the place to see the new VERSACE Home collection adorned with the label’s new monogram – La Greca. The design is presented in a setting of a luxurious Milanese Home shaped with revamped and new furniture pieces designed by Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini in collaboration with label’s Creative Director Donatella Versace.  Roberto and Ludovica are a go-to Milan design duo known for their work with furniture maker Poltorna Frau. The design duo is also in charge of PALOMBA SERAFINI Associati – PS+A, architecture and design studio they founded in 1994.

The home collection is the fashion house’s growing project, becoming an equally strong part of the business as its fashion line. 

I am a very curious person and I always embrace every occasion to learn something new. When I started brainstorming with Ludovica and Roberto, I was captured by their incredible knowledge of design and by the ideas they already had for Versace Home. The way they were able to infuse the new collection with Versace’s iconic codes in their clean, modern and elegant lines is really cool. I love their use of colors and the way the wanted to be respectful of the brand, but at the same time bring it into the present day with their vision,” shares Donatella Versace

versace la greca wallpaper
La Greca Collection for VERSACE Home Photo ©Versace

The collection is inspired by the sentiment of Versace living, a luxurious nod to the contemporary interpretation of mythology and classical art. “Working with Donatella was like two oceans that meet, having her input and her guide to transfer the brand’s codes into the home collection that was an interpreter of design values ??and at the same time respectful of the brand itself was a great deal for us,” add Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini talking about the new collection presented at Salone del Mobile.

Versace’s signature Medusa, Barocco and Trésor de la Mer motifs give three-dimensionality to the details of sofas and chairs, coffee tables, beds and lampshades, mirrors and cabinets. Tone-on-tone engravings, screen printing, textile treatments and pleating give elegant vibrations to the surfaces, combined with glossy finishes. Furniture such as the generous Aeternitas love bed, styles from the Goddess line, and those of the Stiletto collection are the stars of a rebellious, sophisticated and avant-garde habitat – all boasting expert craftsmanship,” notes VERSACE Home press team talking about the new furniture collection.

versace home
La Greca Collection for VERSACE Home Photo ©Versace

The new furniture pieces are brought closer to the audience within the apartment setup created in Versace Home Store Space on Via Durini 11 in Milano. The moment is perfect, Milan is now the design hotspot with the comeback of Salone del Mobile the city’s famed design week. The Via Durini store for Versace Home is entirely stages as a real apartment. Entirely covered in the Versace aesthetic dominated by label’s newly introduced La Greca monogram.

This is the new aspect for the monogram introduction revealed for the first time on Versace Fall Winter 2021 digital runway and in the new Versace print and video campaign featuring songstress Dua Lipa. The reveal now merges the pattern into another aspect of the label’s image and brand direction.

La Greca is now also serving as a wallpaper backdrop for some of the rooms at Versace Home’s Milan address. The new pattern is a modern day visual of Versace’s classic Greek Key signature design moment. During the ongoing Milan Design Week, Versace Home showroom in-store apartment will also host a special installation by up and coming Canadian artist by Paul Kneale promoted by ARTUNER.

versace home
La Greca Collection for VERSACE Home Photo ©Versace

The design is featuring materials such as silk but also leather for upholstering, while the furniture pieces are shaped out of a selection of luxury metals and marble. 

Take a closer look of the new VERSACE Home Collection furniture pieces at Milan Design Week: 

Let us know what you think of the new Versace Home in our comment box: 

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